Seventeen Seas

Episode 10 - Into the Taltoc Sea

Enemies and Allies of Sea and Sky

Game Date: Widderways 102 – 110, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Panthera
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Departing the Owathi Chain, the Kruthik and the Mikalakawika go their separate ways. Bael Briarborn and Prince Tua head toward the Isles of Compromise and Highpledge beyond, while Captain Inio and his crew take the shorter route, headed past the Ixli Spires. Both members of the flotilla agree to reconvene in the Gibbet Islands, the licentious pirate port in the southern Taltoc Sea.

The voyage from Vindharna to Taltoc is fairly uneventful. Along the way, the crew makes the acquaintance of Bayonet, the ship’s cat. Korbin makes the acquaintance of Deadrick and Hakari, a pair of gentlemen thugs on the employ of Port Panthera’s trade boss, looking to score a little capital off the advantage they hold over the Kruthik’s quartermaster. During a fierce thunderstorm, a supernatural stranger appears on the deck and blesses Ovette’s necklace with some unknown enchantment.

Crossing the Ixli Spires proved a little stranger. Firstly, a topdeck brawl was broken up by Hakari, the acting boatswain, earning the half-orc some repute among the crew. Secondly, the Kruthik salvaged the wreck of an unfortunate ship, ignited by angry taxwings and run aground on some jagged rocks. Thirdly, when the aarakocra did appear, some fire-and-brimstone from Korbin managed to convert them to the faith of Mother Monster, allowing the Kruthik to escape without a scratch.

As they headed further south, their ship in tact, more strange events started to befall the Kruthik. Firstly, a bottle containing a cryptic message was found by a merfolk crewman. Secondly, a squad of ensorcelled sahuagin attacked Korbin in the night, attempting to steal his Pearl on behalf of someone called Ngaio, the Wise Master. Thirdly, a Colonial ship – the Ameline – was spotted, unarmed but flying a pirate flag. At the violent behest of Ovette, the ship was persued and persuaded to drop anchor.



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