Seventeen Seas

Episode 11 - Avast!

The Kruthik's First Act of Piracy

Game Date: Widderways 110 – 111, Year 74
Starting Point: Taltoc Sea
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Storming aboard the Ameline with half a dozen cutthroats, the Kruthik’s captain and crew find the merchanter’s cargo heaped on the deck and its crew surrendered. Searching the hold, Korbin uncovers a hidden hold and, what’s more, a small crate of St. Zalomao honey, one of the most precious commodities in all the Seventeen Seas. After negotiating with the Ameline’s desperate captain, they resolve to leave the merchanter a single jar and prepare to depart. During the loading of the precious cargo, Ovette and her old beau Layardo explode into argument, prompted by Korbin’s zone of truth.

During the hour voyage to Barnacle in the Gibbet Islands, it is discovered that Ovette has crabs.

Soon as the Kruthik drops anchor in Barnacle, the crew sets about carousing, after their lengthy voyage across the Taltoc Sea. Heading to the spacious Cave Inn, they drink, dance and make merry. During the festivities, Hakari and Ovette have a frank conversation about the mysterious stranger that appeared to her on deck. When they’re all reconvened, the crew decides to investigate all three of the port’s squabbling trade bosses, to see who can get them a better deal on their cargo. Ovette and Cecily – both supremely inebriated – visit Sederigo the Scalp in the Cliffs, while Hakari and Deadrick visit Brother Toque in the Gallows and Korbin, unaccompanied, meets Cruel Krazzt in the Floats.

After much scheming, the crew eventually decides to sell the mundane cargo to Krazzt, as she is not currently embroiled in a gang war. Waiting to sell the Zalomao honey until one of the trade bosses emerges victorious, the Kruthik’s crew decide to row over to Crowclaw Island and investigate the strange note they recovered.

Upon the wet spit of land, they discover a small encampment of bounty-privateers, watching over an allegedly very valuable prisoner. Briefly posing as disguised naval officers from aboard the Quixotic, the pirates exchange a brief word with the prisoner – an elderly woman who professes to be a pirate – before leaping into action to free her.

It’s a bitter brawl, the redheaded brute reigning destruction down upon the unsuspecting Korbin. During the melee, Ovette kept lightning pouring through the unstoppable berserker, Cecily unleashed a blast of elemental magic and Hakari tossed an unfortunate halfling into a fire. The tide was eventually turned when Hakari managed to convinced one of the remaining privateers – Pimas – to betray her crew and join their side. When the dust settled, all their foes – save one hidden sniper – were defeated, along with two of their comrades. Bloodied and beaten, the Kruthik’s crew – plus their new recruit and their prisoner – limped off Crowclaw Island and back to the Kruthik.



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