Seventeen Seas

Episode 12 - The Hostage Situation

The Kruthik's Course Is Altered

Game Date: Widderways 111 – 113, Year 74
Starting Point: Gibbet Islands
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Once returned to the Kruthik with their captive and their new crewman, their wounded allies are tended to and all souls convene in the scheming room, to hear the testimony of this strange old woman. According to Coquette – as she identifies herself – she’s a powerful pirate captain, affiliated with the Sistren, who was unexpectedly ambushed by bounty-privateers and hauled away for the 50,000 doubloon reward on her head. Since the crew intervened on her behalf, she’s quite grateful but not sure whether she can trust them to deliver her back t o safety.

Before they’ve adequate time to discuss this, a ship appears suddenly from behind a rocky island – a four-masted frigate, bearing down on them fast. Pimas quickly identifies The Immolator, the bounty-privateer they stole Coquette from and the sails are made ready on the double. A tense chase ensues, wherein the Kruthik dodges between rocks and shallow islands in an attempt to lose their prey. Eventually, Hakari hatches a scheme to send a dinghy as a distraction, to lure the Immolator away, which eventually buys them the time they need to escape.

Lurking in Shipbreaker’s Bay for the next few days, the Kruthik is repaired and resupplied before heading back to Barnacle, to see who’s won the impending gang war. When they arrive, they find the place in chaos, both Brother Toque and Sederigo the Scalp dead and Cruel Krazzt queen of the molehill. Making a deal with the sahuagin trade boss, they sell one jar of the St. Zalomao honey for a very lucrative 25,000 doubloons and prepare to leave Barnacle – not before purchasing some expensive poison and hiring the services of a few prostitutes to service the ship.

Once back aboard, the Kruthik’s crew decides to divert their course, head south towards Port Pillage and return Coquette to her crew. As insurance against her treachery, they lace her food with slow-acting poison and withhold the antidote, keeping her in the dark unless they need to threaten her. Heading south in the Bao Chen Sea, they celebrate with a great feast.

A few days along their journey, an ensorcelled chuul attacks the vessel, clamping onto the Kruthik’s rudder and forcing several members of the crew to clamber down at do battle with the loathsome thing. It’s eventually Hakari and Cecily, working together, who defeat the beast, tearing it apart and saving some of its limbs to cook for crab meat.



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