Seventeen Seas

Episode 14 - The Way Between The Worlds

The Kruthik Crosses Between Planes

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Vatino
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

A little apprehensively does the Kruthik start to sail towards the great yawning black portal. At Coquette’s assurance that it’s perfectly safe for the ship, Inio orders the crew to get underway and, though a thoroughly strange experience, the caravel passes from this world into another. Before it can, however, Ovette discovers the body of Nails, sequestered belowdecks and demands Hakari – with Deadrick’s help – to clean things up.

Once they’re passed through the portal, the Kruthik starts to sail down the canal, a channel of protected water that leads through the Astral Sea and towards their mysterious destination. Along the way, they can glimpse incredible vistas through the shimmering green membrane and, what’s more, gravity is substantially lessened in this plane, allowing the crew to leap about freely. Attempting to go about her duties as normal, Ovette makes a paling discovery – the drownie is loose.

Working together, the Kruthik’s officers manage to track down and defeat the drownie in the ship’s bilge, only to discover it had attacked and converted another crewmember, Mama Madras the cook. After a heated exchange, Inio summoned them all to the “scheming chamber” and it was theorized that someone intentionally freed the drownie, to pursue an unknown agenda. While preparing funerary services for Mama Madras, the crew began slowly to investigate the possibility of a saboteur aboard.

They were not given long to investigate, however, before an extraplanar scavenger – a dharculus – penetrated the canal, in search of prey. The crew marshaled on the deck and repelled the ravenous monster with ease. While Korbin lead efforts to preserve the beast, Cecily dispatched all three of the creature’s heads. Hakari, meanwhile, braved the void to battle the creature’s main body and was overcome with the wonder and awe of the cosmos.


Shortly after defeating the beast, the Kruthik passed through a second portal and emerged onto a new sea, full of strange wonder – its waters phosphorescent and colorful, its clouds bizarre and energetic, the very air buzzing with alien energy. They had arrived on Aquos, the Elemental Plane of Water and far off, on the horizon, the keen-eyed could just see the white sails of Port Pillage.



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