Seventeen Seas

Episode 15 - Port of Plunder

Motherland of Marauders

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Freshly emerged from the canal, all the squalor and splendor of Port Pillage spreads out before the crew of the Kruthik. Soon as they dock, Coquette hastens away, off to pursue her very important business in the city, telling her rescuers they could reach her at the Lace Curtain, a brothel in Point Pretty. Our swashbuckling heroes, then, are left to fend for themselves in this new and exciting port.

Cecily – along with Ovette, Hugo and Hakari – headed to High Carouse, looking to throw back a few tankards. Visiting the inebriated circus at Revel Riding, Cecily became only passingly involved with Ovette’s misunderstanding and, after a bowl of urchin stew, returned to the Kruthik to pursue her studies. Engaging in a game of yun li with Zhitao, Cecily was able to overcome her impatience and tap into her calm, centered self. Ignoring the clamoring of her companions, she eventually accompanied them to the Lace Curtain, to meet Coquette.

Urged by Deadrick, Hakari stalked Ovette to Revel Riding and, via an elaborate ruse involving a drunken dwarven pedestrian, managed to palm the warlock’s implement – her precious conch shell. Conferring with his elven accomplice, Hakari sought a spellsail on Scholar’s Row and had a copy made. Giving Deadrick the copy to sell in town, he returned the necklace to Ovette’s quarters, his companions none the wiser. After a heart-to-heart with Captain Inio, the pair of them departed for the Lace Curtain, to meet Coquette.

Korbin immediately struck off on his own, headed to the Lorehoard in Scholar’s Row, Bloodboil in tow. Deep in the dark of the Lorehoard, Korbin did much research into the Pearl, the Wise Master Ngaio and the marids of the Elemental Plane of Water. After a brief squabble with a local wizard, he – accompanied by Ovette – sought a buyer for the St. Zalomao honey. Meeting both the Mummy and Apostate, he eventually joined his companions at the Lace Curtain, where they planned to meet Coquette.

It was an unusually giddy and upbeat that Ovette accompanied Cecily to the circus. Once there and extremely intoxicated, Hakari – via an elaborate ruse – stole her necklace. The warlock, however, was much too inebriated to notice. Overcome with a sudden craving for seaweed, she shared some urchin stew with Cecily and eventually joined Korbin on his hunt for a buyer. Upon returning to the ship, she discovered that, not only was her necklace gone, she could only speak Aquan. While Korbin hypothesized this having something to do with her missing necklace, she joined her companions on the way to the Lace Curtain, to meet Coquette.

At the Lace Curtain, a hurried Coquette offered to purchase them a new ship as payment for transporting her to Port Pillage. In the same breath, however, she begged their help. There was an election she needed fixed and there was precious little time for them to accept. Divided on the matter, the crew decided not to act until they had more information from her. From what little they could glean, they were left shaken by Coquette’s proposal – to legitimize the Congress of Corsairs in the eyes of the Colonial Crown, to better target elven shipping concerns.



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