Seventeen Seas

Episode 16 - Electioneering

The Democratic Process in Action!

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Receiving the list of captains to swayed, our swashbuckling heroes met Coquette at Plunder Plaza to hear her pitch. According to Coquette, nothing is set in stone – she simply wants to talk with the Crown’s representative. She envisions a future wherein, with the aid of this Colonial contract, the Congress can grow and swell and become a world power, something that the Colonial crown no longer threatens to wipe from existence. With a certain reluctance, the heroes agree to convince some captains to her cause – all except Hakari, who goes along somewhat unwillingly.

First, they head to the Underbelly in Point Pretty, seeking the fearsome Captain Brak Bones. No sooner have they arrived, however, than goons in the employ of Captain Cutlass, the leader of Corgaine’s opposition, and their slavering gorehound. A fight quickly ensues, wherein the Cutlass cutthroats are quickly dispatched and their gorehound loosed on the city. Inside the brothel, the Kruthik’s crew makes the acquaintance of both Brak Bones and the very Cutlass itself. Exchanging some insults with the latter, they manage to convert the former with the promise of a four-masted caravel and a little honeyed mead.


After this, the crew splits up to pursue their separate errands. While Cecily and Ovette seek out Captain Bo of the War Wound, Korbin – with Bloodboil at his side – join Captain Doomsayer aboard the Sirocco for a religious ritual. Hakari, meanwhile, goes out on the town, tired of politics and looking to cause some trouble.

While meeting Captain Bo and his spellsail at the Courtyard, Cecily and Ovette both discover the somewhat disturbing fact that the wizard has thoroughly ensorcelled the captain to obey his every whim. While Cecily distracts the Captain with yun li, Ovette appeals to the spellsail, offering him a chance to examine her, in her highly arcanized state, in exchange for changing the ship’s vote.

Korbin, meanwhile, attends Captain Doomsayer’s, a devout toadfolk, prayer service and connects with the zealous pirate captain. By preaching the gospel of Mother Monster and promising to attend another flagellating service, Korbin secures the Sirocco’s vote. Meanwhile, Hakari gets into trouble across the port, taking a contract with a local barkeep and breaking it for a better offer. Bumping into Inio, the two commiserate over how boring politics is and instead start some drunken hoopla, Hakari claiming that Inio’s the greatest duelist on this or any plane.

Once returned the ship, the swashbuckling heroes anxiously await the results of the vote. As the captains start to run out their flags, the unexpected strikes – the Shriek appears from a sudden portal and opens fire, laying waste to the nearest pirate ships. The crew immediately explodes into debate – fight, run or hide?



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