Seventeen Seas

Episode 17 - Under Siege

The Shriek Returns!

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

After some fierce debate, the Kruthik and her crew decide to join the fight against the Shriek – assuming that other pillagers leap into the fray to aid them. Waiting for the Sirocco and the Hell Hound to start the hostilities, the Kruthik slung around the battle’s side and laid waste to the rowboats full of undead marines that the Shriek attempted to drop onto the port’s shores. In this, they were partially successful – blasting three of the four rowboats but also drawing the Shriek’s attention.


It was a fierce battle, one that nearly went very poorly for the outgunned Kruthik. Many broadsides were exchanged, the Kruthik’s pirate allies fled and eventually the Kruthik too was forced to flee. In her parting salvos, however, she dealt a final blow to the Shriek. To the pirate’s confusion, however, the ship began to dissipate, dissolving into thick black smoke rather than sinking completely.

Filled with fervor, Korbin and Cecily lead a team of Kruthik crew ashore to finish off the last of the undead hordes that went ravaging through the city. Hakari and Ovette, meanwhile, organized another team of Kruthik crewman to go looting in the attacked areas. The fighting and the pilfering concluded with a great carousal at the Sea Creature, only to be interruped by a dressing-down from Inio and eventually a summons from Coquette. The Sistren demanded that, in the wake of the events, they come and testify before the Congress, telling all they know of the Shriek and its possible motives here.

With a few hours to kill before the Congressional hearing, our swashbuckling heroes spread out. Cecily undertook and performed admirably at another of Zhitao’s lessons, earning the master’s respect. Ovette went to investigate Stashside and the wizard – Shun Ji – that the undead hordes carried away. Korbin caught his beauty sleep. Inio, Hakari and Deadrick started a scheme, wherein they would infiltrate the Iron Fist and learn what they could about the Sistren’s missing treasure.

Summoned before the Congress of Corsairs, our swashbuckling heroes arrived at the Iron Fist, the great tiefling warship that serves as their headquarters in Port Pillage. While Korbin, Ceily and Ovette met the Congress to give testimony, Inio and Hakari went sneaking about the great ironsided warship, seeking some choice intel.

On the main deck, Korbin and Ovette told their story, explaining how they knew of the Shriek and what brought them here. Captain Cutlass attempted to poke holes in their story, to cast doubt on their intentions, but Corgaine seized the moment and delivered a rousing speech about the future of Port Pillage, playing on the recent attack to rally her supporters.

Meanwhile, down below, Inio and Hakari run into a little trouble, discovering themselves on the business end of a flintlock pistol and a question that’s a little difficult to answer – “Explain yourselves”.



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