Seventeen Seas

Episode 18 - Aye or Nay

The Scheming Reaches Its Climax

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Quickly giving an excuse as to why Captain Inio is absent from this Congressional hearing, Cecily, Korbin and Ovette deftly dodge the matter of whether or not they should be forced to join the Congress. Soon as the Captains are dispatched to vote, Corgaine’s motion to hear the Colonial proposal wins by a landslide and, though she’s anxious about where Inio has disappeared to, agrees to accompany the corsairs to the Sea Creature for a drink.

Through an absurd lie, Hakari and Inio manage to shirk the blackmarks on the_Iron Fist’s_ paper deck and eventually reach the captain’s cabin, the one once belonging to Ilisa, Corgaine’s dead sister. A little acid dissolves the lock and they’re quickly looting the untouched valuables inside. After bagging a bottle dragon turtle, some magical navigational device and an extremely valuable sword, Inio discovers a cache of letters he believes will point them towards the treasure. That’s when the Red Hands, on Corgaine’s orders, arrive and, in the ensuing chaos, Hakari escapes and Inio is captured.

The revels at the Sea Creature, then, are cut short when a cursing Inio is thrown before Corgaine’s feet. When she learns that he was caught snooping around Ilisa’s quarters, she flies into a rage. She surrounds the three heroes and demands to know what their interest in Ilisa and the treasure is. They attempt to resist, even attempt to charm Corgaine, but this all comes to naught and they’re forced to admit that they’re seeking Ilisa’s lost treasure.

Feeling guilty about the capture of his friend, Hakari hatches a scheme to free Inio from Corgaine’s clutches. Stealing a pair of red gloves, he infiltrates the Iron Fist and, feigning orders from the Cleaver, manages to abscond Inio from under their noses. Moving quickly through the city, Hakari stashes the unconscious Inio in a room at the Happy Accident and pays a young tiefling girl – Twenk – to summon Deadrick and some toughs to hatch his plan – stealing a ship and fleeing Port Pillage.

Soon as word reaches Corgaine about Inio’s disappearance, some quick thinking on Korbin’s part – blaming the Cutlass – saves all of their heads from the chopping block. Swallowing the lie hook, line & sinker, Corgaine asks the heroes to prove their loyalty by marshalling their crew and joining her at Plunder Plaza, where they’ll mount an assault against the Basilisk and retrieve him. Returning to their ship, the Kruthik’s crew reconnects with Hakari and wonders what to do.

The plan they eventually hatch is a precarious one. With Deadrick’s help, Inio is carried from the Happy Accident into Point Pretty, territory near where the Basilisk is docked. Stashed aboard an under-construction vessel, the crew then leads the searching Red Hands towards Inio’s hiding place, convincing them that it was the Cutlass who stashed Inio here. Once he’s recovered, the Captain is carried into the Iron Hand for further questioning and the Kruthik’s crew are left to wonder about their fate.

Waiting in the Kruthik’s scheming room, our swashbuckling heroes discuss Ovette’s pregnancy, a mysterious stranger that approached Korbin and the artifacts Hakari recovered from Ilisa’s cabin, including a rare luck blade – a weapon of boundless potentiality. Before long, however, Inio does return, in one piece, and tells them the good news and the bad news. The good news – he’s been freed and they’re allowed to leave. The bad news – Corgaine is coming with them.



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