Seventeen Seas

Episode 19 - Far, Far Below

The Hammerhead Departs Port Pillage

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Meeting Corgaine on the Kruthik’s deck, our swashbuckling heroes strike a new deal with their sometimes friend, sometimes foe. Corgaine proposes they work together to uncover the treasure, pooling their resources and splitting the reward evenly. She doesn’t trust Inio and blames him for the disappearance of Ilisa’s items, believing them now in the hands of the Cutlass, but is willing to collaborate, should that turn up the treasure. Offering to provide them a spellsail, they agree to depart as soon as their new ship – the Hammerhead – is ready to sail.

While crew and cargo transfer between ships, the party runs a few errands, both great and small. To appease her curious child, Ovette goes book shopping, seeking children’s stories to read to her unborn daughter. Cecily is tested once again by Zhitao and, after besting her in a combat trial, decides to purchase her mentor a gift. Hakari sniffs around Scholar’s Row, seeking answers about Shun Ji’s disappearance and pockets a text about dragon turtles. Korbin goes shopping, outfits some new armor and investigates his mysterious clue from the Wise Master, discovering a trail that leads far below the floating city.

Collecting his companions, Korbin leads the Kruthik’s officers on a quest deep into the Elemental Plane, stepping through a portal that sends them far underwater. Nearly crushed by all the pressure, the crew nonetheless presses on, following a glowing light across an undersea landscape filled with wonder. One of those wonders, however, proves to be a trap; the glow they believed they were following turned out to a massive transparent seadevil, eager to snap up one of the heroes in its fanged maw.


Working together, however, the Kruthik’s crew make quick work of the beast, Hakari keeping the creature’s massive jaws for better use in his new tavern. Following the glow, they eventually come upon the Shallow Palace of Ngaio the Night-Navigator. The great marid is a gracious host, referring to Korbin by his birth name, and beseeching his help in recovering the other two pearls from the Material Plane. Secretive and suspicious by nature, Ngaio nonetheless promises to provide Korbin with more lore, should they agree to work together. Striking an accord, the Kruthik and her crew return to Port Pillage and prepare to get underway.

Now that the Hammerhead’s complete, the pirates hire a rowdy new crew in Port Pillage and cast off, bringing Corgaine and her new spellsail, Woodward, along for the ride. Once the portal to the Astral Sea is opened, several of the heroes – Hakari most of all – wishes once again to glimpse the infinite cosmos beyond. This short voyage done, the Hammerhead reappears on the Material Plane in the Sea of Rapture, just off the shore of Cape Celesta – once again ready to start their hunt for the Sistren’s lost treasure.



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