Seventeen Seas

Episode 2 - The Shriek

A Warm Welcome Aboard

Game Date: Clockways 187 – 188, Year 74
Starting Point: Axebeak Island, Vindharna Sea
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Corbin Quill, Ovette Whick

When attempts to knock Captain Inio unconscious proved unsuccessful, the halfling pirate was eventually convinced to join the Hurricane’s survivors in joining the ghost crew – when offered his cherished flintlock pistols. Given an hour to collect their things and bid farewell to Axebeak Island, the heroes piled into the dinghy and rowed out towards the great looming specter of the Shriek.

Once aboard the ghastly vessel, they made the acquaintance of First Mate. A jovial enough fellow, First Mate explained that he’d very much like to hire these living crew but they’d each need to meet the Captain first. While each crewmember in turn made the acquaintance of the mysterious Captain in his cabin – and were each subjected to his scrutiny – Bael Briarborn made his way through the Shriek’s lower chambers and happened upon a hold full of slaughtered corpses, all preserved for later consumption.

Determined on escape, the heroes started to scheme various plans involving sabotage and gunpowder but were first subjected to the initiation ritual, wherein strange letters were marked upon their foreheads. With that, the Shriek was underway, sailing towards parts unknown.

While the Captain continued to question the new crew about the Hurricane’s fate, Cecily and Ovette set about making themselves useful aboard the ship. Corbin, meanwhile, continued studying the ship’s strange markings, hoping to learn more about the strange necromantic magic. It was Bael and Inio, sleep-deprived and loopy, who ultimately provided the window they needed to escape – accidentally igniting one of the cannons on the lower gundeck. During the chaos and the fire that engulfed the ghost ship, the crew defeated Second Mate in open combat and scrambled to commandeer one of the ghostly dinghies.



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