Seventeen Seas

Episode 20 - Voyage of the Hammerhead

Reunions and Funerals

Game Date: Widderways 146 – 160, Year 74
Starting Point: Cape Celesta
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Arriving back on the Material Plane, the Hammerhead, her captain, her officers and her advisors chart a course across the Sea of Rapture. Choosing to remain off the well-charted lanes, they strike westward, following the mysterious storm that seems to somehow have moved in the weeks they spent on the Elemental Plane of Water. Departing from Cape Celesta, the Hammerhead encounters the St. Ladrosa, a saintship for the patron saint of pirates. They meet the many strange and fascinating new crewmen and they conduct one scheming session with Corgaine, discussing who Ilisa was and where she believes this storm will lead them.

Seeking a dummy flag for their vessel, to better pretend they’re privateers, the Hammerhead drops anchor at a small island in the Shrines called Withernsea, hoping to meet Cecily’s estranged parents. Dressing to the nines, they head into town and attempt to acquire an audience with the indentured dressmaker and, after much shenanigans, Cecily and Liao-Xi have a heart-to-heart. Cecily learns that, after she departed, not all things were well amongst her family, her parents separating and her father turning to drink. Resolving to find her father, Liao-Xi nonetheless agrees to help, sewing a red privateering flag for the Hammerhead and even a few sets of surprise baby’s clothing for Ovette’s unborn daughter.


Sailing from the Shrines, however, disaster strikes. A shambling mound of seaweed, possessed by arcane magic, attacks the Hammerhead, seemingly bent on killing Ovette. The crew fights the thing valiantly, despite its parasitic tendrils and nearly manages to slay the creature but not before it gets its hooks into poor Ovette. Dragged overboard, there’s another attempt to rescue the halfling woman before she’s pulled too deep but this, alas, comes to no avail. Despite all their efforts, Ovette is killed, floating dead in the water, the shambling mound dragging her down into blackness.



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