Seventeen Seas

Episode 24 - Mind Your Manors

The Beldonte Heist

Game Date: Clockways 12 – Clockways 13, Year 75
Starting Point: New Colonia
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao-Ling Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

While Korbin and Weed get some much deserved rest, Cecily, Hakari and Deadrick head into the Interior to case the Beldonte manor and learn what information they can. While Hakari and Deadrick looks for valuables – or books, as the case may be – Cecily bumbles into her father and they hatch a plan to rescue him the following evening, when everyone is forced to listen to Lady Beldonte’s infuriatingly poor harp performances.

The next day, the plan is hatched. A carriage is stolen, signals are agreed upon and several of the crew are disguised in appropriate livery. Captain Quincy comes trotting up to the Interior’s gate, while his stealthier companions slip over the wall and rendezvous at the Beldonte estate. Korbin climbs a tree some distance from the carriage, Weed is instructed to hide in nearby bushes and Deadrick, Hakari and Cecily sneak back into the compound.


They’re almost immediately thwarted, however, when Wan-Su is not in the kitchen, their agreed-upon meeting place. While Deadrick and Hakari commence looting, Cecily discovers him trapped in the performance hall, unable to make the rendezvous. While Deadrick and Cecily conspire to disguise themselves as servants, a guard happens upon them and manages to blow his whistle before he can be dispatched.

Chaos breaks loose. More guards come searching around the side of the house, seeking the source of the disturbance and Weed is spotted. Korbin starts making tons of chaotic and confusing noises, suggesting other whistles and the arriving militia. Hakari goes running upstairs, to loot the master bedroom, while Deadrick and Cecily start pretending to light a fire in the kitchen, hoping to lure the cooks away.

Finally, after Korbin’s summoned the carriage, Hakari’s finished his looting and Weed’s rejoined the group, Cecily manages to get hands on her father. As they all flee, Hakari spreads ball bearings all across the ground, confusing the pursuit. The one remaining household guard firing at them, the swashbucklers all pour into the carriage and flee out of the Interior and back towards their ship.

With that and a twelve hour wait to depart, they’re free from New Colonia and back on the trail of the storm.



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