Seventeen Seas

Episode 32 - Mistbound

The Party Splits

Game Date: Clockways 37 – 40, Year 75
Starting Point: Gangwu
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Reporting back from Zideng Pass, Weed wanted to collect her companions and explore the mysterious voice. With some reluctance, both Korbin and Hakari agreed to accompany her, while Bō was summoned off the island by Zhitao, wishing to return to prisoners to Yang and also wishing her pupil to attend her. While Bō sought passage to the elven city, Weed, Korbin and Hakari followed the purple lanterns deeper into the mists.

One mile and a judicious use of water walk later, they discovered a mist-shrouded monastery high on a slope. Investigating the ruin, they found it littered with purple lanterns and choked in the same magical mist that plagues the island, Korbin hypothesizing that this might be the epicenter of all that strange magical effect. In one of the outbuildings, they discovered and battled mist monks, strange ephemeral warriors composed more of vapor than flesh. In another outbuilding, they were assailed by animated suits of armor and a whirling cloud of flying sabers, retreating before they’re diced to pieces.


Meanwhile, on Yang, Bō had her first taste of high elven culture, exploring the city’s highly magical streets. Shopping in the abandoned Renqun Square, she purchased some new clothes and some spices and eventually accompanied Zhitao to a teahouse. Only upon leaving did Bō realize that the place was owned and operated by Zhitao’s family and that this too had been a lesson for her – what sacrifices she must make upon becoming a full-fledged monk.

Upon returning to Gangwu, Bō learned that not only had her companions not returned from Zideng Pass but that someone had broken into the Hammerhead, stealing Corgaine’s letters and several of her artifacts. With no time to solve that mystery, Bō headed down the Purple Lantern Pass, to hopefully reconnect with her companions before they would up dead.



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