Seventeen Seas

Episode 36 - Into the Shao Han Sea

Season Two Begins!

Game Date: Clockways 48 – 69, Year 75
Starting Point: Shao Han Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Escaping the Shriek and its captive leviathan with the daybreak, the Hammerhead sailed eastward, making for Sirenspire and the nearest available pirate port.

Along the way, Bloodboil was spared from execution, Korbin was demoted to a common sailor and Bō and Hakari agreed to assume the duties of quartermaster until another could be elected. Despite the high number of prizes, the pirates elected not to take a ship, owing to their extremely damaged craft. While searching through Corgaine’s letters and papers, the remaining piece of Ilisa’s map was uncovered – save for a tiny hunk in the middle.

One night along the voyage, both Hakari and Bō fell prey to an insidious seaweed monster, attempting to strangle the two pirates with its tendrils. Ignoring every other member of the crew, the hauntingly familiar creature targeted only the first mate and the boatswain. It was Hakari who defeated the creature’s central brain down in the Hammerhead’s bilge but no questions were answered for the time being about who the attacker was or why they failed to target Korbin or Weed.

Arriving at Sirenspire, the Hammerhead narrowly avoided smashing themselves to pieces on the rocks, lured by the haunted singing of the disembodied sirens. Soon as they dropped anchor, the crew split into factions, some going shopping, others going drinking. Their ship repaired, their cargo sold, their carousing complete, they all reconvened in the scheming room to discuss their next venture – commandeering a proper warship.



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