Seventeen Seas

Episode 37 - Election Day

Democracy In Action

Game Date: Clockways 69 – 74, Year 75
Starting Point: Sirenspire
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

While the Hammerhead completes its repairs, the crew completes its business in Sirenspire. Bō and Weed hit the streets, seeking rumors about warships that could potentially be stolen. Korbin seeks out Magistrate, the local scholar, and learns much about extraplanar activities, Far Thanaz and even gets a lead on a starting point for the treasure map. Aboard the caravel, meanwhile, Hakari hears rumbling of the coming quartermaster election.

There’re three promising candidates – Deadrick, Yasha Battle-Beast and a newcomer, Nadia Knuckles. Meeting in secret, the Hammerhead’s officers – and one lowly crewmember – ruled out Yasha as too dangerous to lead but couldn’t consent between Deadrick or Nadia as the new quartermaster. Interviewing both, our swashbuckling heroes were undecided, some swaying the votes towards Deadrick, some away from Yasha and others abstaining from interference at all.


The election was a messy, uncouth thing. After delivering rabble-rousing speeches, the initial votes were tallied. Minus a few stray votes to fringe candidates, the votes was cleanly split between Deadrick and Nadia. General pandemonium ensued, calmed only by Weed’s sorceries, and a run-off election was conducted. This time, thanks to smear tactics, Deadrick managed to pull ahead, accepting the position of quartermaster amid a rowdy brawl.

Sailing from Sirenspire, the Hammerhead adjusted to its new crew, received a visit from the Night-Navigator’s emissaries and endured another attack from the mysterious seaweed monsters. This time, strands of the vile weed possessed several unsuspecting crew, forcing Hakari and Bō to fend off the attacks without slaying their comrade. In the end, only one crew – Yrnesta the Yellow – was slain, adding a sobering note to the business of Weed’s mysterious parentage.

Arriving at ib-Jaffad in the Whip, our swashbuckling heroes debated the best method to attempt to steal the massive warship they found anchored there.



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