Seventeen Seas

Episode 38 - Conspiracy to Commandeer

Breaking the Chains

Game Date: Clockways 74, Year 75
Starting Point: ib-Jaffad
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Hatching a plan to incite a slave revolt aboard the Yasmaridd our swashbuckling heroes divided into three groups. One group – Inio, Weed and Korbin – would pretend to be privateers and slave merchants, offering to sell many of the dragonborn crewman as slaves. Meanwhile a second group – Hakari and Bō – would infiltrate the ship’s lower decks and start freeing the slaves they discovered down there. The Hammerhead, meanwhile, would keep its distance, ready to fire on the fort should things go south.

The first phase of the plan went swimmingly. Posing as a privateer captain, Inio and his entourage easily made contact with the ship’s qayid and were taken to a small lounge where they could refresh themselves. Meanwhile, Hakari, Bō and a small number of aquatic pirates swam beneath the galley and crept up along its opposite side. With the help of the slaves, they managed to gain entry and start to process of freeing everyone.

Exchanging stories with the qayid, the diplomatic group managed to make the sale of the slaves and they were brought below. When Bloodboil and his fellow “slaves” were brought below, they were quickly dispatched by Hakari and Bō but not before a whistle could be blown and the alarm raised.


The ship exploding into chaos, the crew running hither and yon, Hakari and Bō worked to free more slaves, arm them and send them running up to the top deck, battling any marines they found along the way. Meanwhile, the qayid was incapacitated by a joint effort of Inio, Korbin and Weed and together, they strode out onto the deck to dispatch the massive slavemaster that was marshaling the ship’s defense in the captain’s absence.

After a long and pitched battle, involving a thunderwave, a ballista bolt used as a spear and the swarming heads of Mother Monster, the Yasmaridd was quickly pacified – all save the additional fifty men sequestered below. As the pirates were attempting to deal with this problem, the fort and the Hammerhead exchanged hostilities, in the form of trebuchet stones and cannon barrages.



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