Seventeen Seas

Episode 39 - Kill the Masters

Slaves Freed, Masters At Odds

Game Date: Clockways 74 – Widderways 17, Year 75
Starting Point: The Whip
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

High atop Mount Beacon, a burning blaze is lit, a signal to the other islands on the Whip – there’s trouble on ib-Jaffad.

Aboard the Yasmaridd, the pacification process is completed when Blooboil and his team of slaves and pirates clears the lower decks. On the top deck, Captain Inio and the crew work feverishly to get the galley ready to sail, while the Hammerhead does battle with the fort. After exchanging cannon fire and trebuchet stones, the ill-maintained fort of Jaffad finally crumbles and the pirates can, with their two vessels, make good their escape.

Returning to Sirenspire, the pirates proceeded to sell the Hammerhead for thirty thousand doubloons, to sell those slaves that refused their freedom and to sell what cargo they could find aboard the slave galley. After refitting the Yasmaridd, they departed back northward, headed towards Seabottom and the mysterious, magical Shipbreaker rumored to be based there.

Sailing from Sirenspire with a combined crew of buccaneers and freed slaves, the Yasmaridd cut canvas across the Shao Han Sea, making for the Clemestine and Excelsior Seas beyond. Along the way, the ship contracted greenwood, a magical effect that causes greenery to sprout from all the ship’s wood.

A few days past the Whip, the Yasmaridd crossed paths with a small elven junk, making speed southwest. Raising the black, the slave galley gave chase and was nearly spun about when the unassuming elven vessel summoned a tidal wave to crash down upon them. The vessel, the Qiaomei, was revealed to be a counselor ship, ferrying elven ambassadors from Gong Zao and, among their number, was Chuanli, Cecily’s former mentor. Taking the ships good, they arrived to ferry Chuanli and his monks to the nearest possible port.

When master and student reunited, it was revealed to Bō that Zhitao had not been entirely truthful with her and that she had slain a former pupil of hers during a training exercise. Her former master departing in shame, Bō agreed in private to Chuanli’s offer to join him on Zao and made plans to depart herself, unbeknownst to her companions.

On the cusp of the Clemestine Sea, the Yasmaridd discovered the bloated corpse of a dead dragon turtle, floating on the surface of the sea. Rowing out to investigate and scavenge the dead kill, the pirates made two startling discoveries – firstly, that the dragon turtle was certainly slain by something huge and unnatural and secondly, that a pride of sea lions had arrived to steal the kill from them.



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