Seventeen Seas

Episode 4 - Welcome to Palmsport!

A Plan, However Convulted, Is Hatched

Game Date: Widderways 83 – Widderways 84, Year 74
Starting Point: Palmsport
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Corbin Quill, Ovette Whick

In the office of Professor Krillkator, sahuagin sage, Korbin Quill learns some valuable information – that the necrotic mark etched on all their foreheads is a curse, removable only by a casting of lesser restoration and, what’s more, that the massive pearl he carries originates on the Elemental Plane of Water. Meanwhile, at the Second Hand, the remainder of Bael’s companions attempt, with mixed success, to haul him up the stairs and into his bed before Korbin arrives with the news.

Beating the streets, they manage to locate a priest – Brother Miego – who offers to remove the curse, should they come to a prayer meeting. The next morning, four of the party – Korbin, Cecily, Ovette and Hurricane – attend the meeting, whereas Bael and Inio elect to case the docks, looking for a likely ship to commandeer or, in Bael’s case, join. After a brief stint of shopping, a heated debate emerges amongst crew about their next course of action.

Inio desires nothing more than to return to his spyglass, deposited on the bottom of the sea near Axebeak Island. To accomplish this, he means to hire a pirate crew and commandeer a ship to chase down the legendary treasure the spyglass supposedly guards. Bael, however, is fiercely opposed to committing acts of piracy and wishes simply to join a merchanter’s crew and earn an honorable wage. It’s ultimately the other three crew – Cecily, Korbin and Ovette who win the party over, deciding to commission a wealthy individual to pay for the expedition to retrieve the treasure.

For this role, they elect Prince Tua, the thirdborn son of King Mohuwawahikiko, the merfolk monarch. A libertine and a gloryhound, the Prince is discovered carousing in the Idle Hands and is fed, mostly by Korbin, an outrageous story, involving ancient temples and the Elemental Plane of Water and, above all, a fortune in magical pearls. Swept up in the fantastic narrative, the merfolk princes agrees to fund an expedition to recover the “treasure” – on the condition that he leads that expedition. Before anyone can object, Bael agrees and offers his services to the prince as his royal guard.

With three days to commission the ship, the heroes, having lied their way into command of the voyage, prepare to depart Palmsport and return, once again, to Axebeak Island.



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