Seventeen Seas

Episode 40 - Early in the Morning

Up She Rises

Game Date: Widderways 17 – 28, Year 75
Starting Point: Shao Han Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Dark shapes swim toward the surface and the shadow of the dragon turtle. Spreading out to scatter the other predators, one of them – a sea lion – snaps at the tentacle of a lurking giant octopus.


Scavenging the carcass of the dead dragon turtle, our swashbuckling heroes made quick work of the interloping sea lion predators that came to harass them. With divine magic, eight tentacles and martial arts, they dispatched or discouraged the beasts in short order and went back to looting the enormous creature’s body for all its valuables. In the head, the dragon turtle was stripped to the bone, with seventy tons of meat, organs and shell to be scavenged.

Sailing northward, the Yasmaridd departed the Shao Han Sea and crept carefully across the Clemestine Sea. The weather was bleak and unpleasant, dotted by rain and even a small thunderstorm. The crew was suspicious and ever-vigilant, watching the horizon for signs of trouble in this very populated sea. The islands passing on their port and starboard were tempting prizes themselves, full of spoiled noble’s mansions, but discretion made them turn aside.

Along the voyage, Weed showed everyone her sack of treasure and Korbin “appraised” their worth. Bō made the rounds of the crew and even took a lesson from Chuanli, her new master. Hakari and Yu finally hit things off and spent the night together.

While on night watch, Korbin was quick enough to warn the crew before seaweed came crawling up and across the entire galley. The rest of night watch grappled and possessed, the Lady of Weeds revealed herself and beckoned Bō, Weed and Hakari forward. Offering them peace in exchange for the child, the Lady was roundly rejected and battle was joined.


While Bō and Korbin took the fight straight toward her, Hakari battled the possessed pirates, knocking them out with precise blows. While initially reluctant to attack her stepdaughter, the Lady of Weeds quickly changed her tune once targeted by a lightning bolt.While Korbin started to convert pirates back to their side and Hakari scrambled to arm and aim a catapult, Bō kept slugging at the Lady of Weeds and was (briefly) transformed into an octopus by Weed. In the end, it was the young child herself who banished her evil stepmother, painting her with lightning until all the seaweed receded and she sank into the ocean.



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