Seventeen Seas

Episode 41 - Breaker of Ships

Exit Bō, Enter Nasira

Game Date: Widderways 29 – 30, Year 75
Starting Point: Seabottom
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Bō (Cecily) / Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

A ship bursts from a calm sea on a clear day. Dripping water, the pirate sloop Vendetta sailed past the Yasmaridd, her oxenfolk captain making a passive remark about never returning to Seabottom again.

Braving the whirlpool, our swashbuckling heroes arrived in Seabottom, a little dumbfounded at the wonder and impracticality of the place. Swinging onto the Risers, they immediately set about the two most important tasks – drinking and shopping. While Bō searched the town for prostitutes, seashells and books to buy, Hakari, Weed & Inio headed straight for the local blind-tiger, the Coral Cudgel, and promptly got drunk.


It was Hakari’s idea to “circle the drain” – to down a drink in all eight of the small town’s many bars and taverns. It was a sordid affair, the pirates slogging from tavern to tavern, stepping on sea urchins, gawping at shipwrecks, rescuing mugging victims and eventually passing out back in the Coral Cudgel. Unbeknownst to them, this was the last time the crew would ever see Bō.

The next morning, the monk was gone, a gift was left in their chambers and there were still several errands to run. Accompanied by a swaggering young dragonborn of the Yassin clan as muscle, the pirates paid a visit to the trade boss and made a tidy sum from their cargo. After Hakari made a short detour to the brothel to purchase the contracts of a few more prostitutes, they headed toward Shipbreaker’s cave, despite the trepidatious warnings of everyone they asked.

In a cavern stacked with shipwrecks, the pirates made the acquaintance of Shipbreaker, a massive, many tentacled kraken obsessed with shipbuilding. Speaking psionically to their minds, the kraken offered the heroes a deal – it would repair and enhance the Yasmaridd in exchange for an artifact fetched from a nearby ruin. The Golden Wheel, a splendid ship’s wheel aboard the sunken royal vessel the Majestic, sank many hundreds of years ago over the haunted merfolk ruin of Dead Makalo and Shipbreaker desperately desires this wheel.

In order to fetch it, the kraken lent the heroes a submersible apparatus that would allow them to reach the sunken reef city. As to what waits lies in wait there, Shipbreaker could not say.



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