Seventeen Seas

Episode 44 - Voyage of the Dragon Turtle

The Turtle's Maiden Voyage

Game Date: Widderways 35 – 41, Year 75
Starting Point: Dead Makalo
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

After three days of Shipbreaker, the Dragon Turtle is complete. Its interior redesigned, its weapons gleaming in the midmorning sun, a corona of fog clinging to its timbers, the newly-christened pirate galley is an impressive specimen, the culmination of many weeks of toil and trouble spent acquiring and outfitting it. Its proud crew wanders its timbers, exploring every nook and cranny of their new vessel.

Employing a sahuagin street gang, Korbin manages to recover the eleven chests of gold – and the shockserpent skull – that they’d buried in Dead Makalo. The crew seems apprehensive about this development, such a large amount of gold not getting distributed amongst them. After a brief discussion, the officers decide to distribute some of the money into the ship’s fund and then, assuming no one attempts to grumble or take the cash in a month or two, they pay out a share to the crew.

Setting sail from Dead Makalo, the Dragon Turtle crosses the Excelsior Sea, headed northwest towards Leviathan Rest and the first anchor point on Captain Ilisa’s treasure map. Along the way, they become accustomed to their new vessel. Korbin casts a protective spell, to ensure that the Lady of Weeds doesn’t return for her stepdaughter. Hakari spends much of the time with Yu, getting drunk, avoiding his duties and lounging in his dinghy. Nasira develops a small entourage among the dragonborn criminals, including Deadrick, who seems quite taken with her. Weed, meanwhile, spends most of the voyage screaming at odd intervals.

The galley weathers a particularly nasty thunderstorm, that shakes and shocks the vessel. A few days from Seabottom, the Turtle, shrouded in thick fog, overtakes and plunders a hapless Colonial merchant, the sailors surrendering the cargo without struggle or complaint. The next night, a drunken Hakari spots a strange flashing light from the deck that, as he watches, spells out his name in Thieves’ Cant. Conferring with an equally drunken Deadrick and Nasira, he resolves to investigate, bringing curious Weed and dragging reluctant Korbin along with.

Rowing through a dangerous shoal and singing bawdy ballads, the pirates approach a lonely island in their dinghy, dominated by a single lighthouse. Searching the place, they eventually find nothing – until Korbin climbs to the summit and the banshees appear.


The banshee’s first scream has little effect on the swashbucklers. The pack of drownies they send scrabbling after them are quickly dispatched. It’s the banshee’s second scream that nearly does the pirates in. With two heroes down and one staggering on his last legs, the battle becomes that much more dire. It ultimately falls to Deadrick and Weed to defeat the remaining few banshees, blasting them with magical lightning and hastily reviving their fallen companions. Plundering a mere thousand doubloons from one of the nearby shipwrecks, it’s a sober and serious crew that return to the Turtle, taught the steep lesson of adventuring while intoxicated.



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