Seventeen Seas

Episode 45 - Wanted Men

The Turtle Hides In Its Shell

Game Date: Widderways 41 – 44, Year 75
Starting Point: Excelsior Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

A pair of sails on the distant horizon gives Korbin pause. Casting an arcane eye spell, he determines that they’re both bounty-privateers. The dragonborn galley is captained by a dashing draconic figure, whereas the Colonial cog is captained by some preteen relation of Lord Philip Reis.

Consulting with his Captain and his comrades, there is some indecision over what’s to be done. Hakari and Yu are busy preparing another fecal missile to lob at the incoming ships from the trebuchet. Having convinced a naive young crewman, Siddan Snort, to vandalize the ship’s name from, Nasira recognizes the qayid’s description as her older brother, Fairuz and wishes to give battle. Weed, meanwhile, makes everyone who comes near her cry uncontrollably. The Captain is torn, not sure whether to maintain their cover as a fog cloud or whether to meet these challengers in open battle.


It’s ultimately the former that wins out, the Turtle following the wind and sailing peacefully by. The two bounty-privateers watch the suspicious cloud closely, even offering a hail, but when the ship doesn’t break their cover, they pass by. Much to Nasira’s consternation, the Turtle escapes the confrontation without shot of cannon or swing of sword.

Two days hence, the Turtle stumbles across another, even more curious vessel – a tiny keelboat, wearing a massive wizard’s hat, with magical fireworks declaring it to be "*BIGBY BALDSARE’S MAGICAL MYSTERIUM OF MYSTICAL MERCHANDISE!* With a large crowd of followers, the pirates investigate the small boat and discover the extradimensional magic shop of Bigby Baldasaré, archmage extraordinaire and bored shopkeep. Enthralled by his merchandise and appalled by his prices, our swashbuckling heroes haggle with the wizard, agreeing to return to his wondering vessel when they’ve scored a big haul.

Crossing into the Shamala Sea the following morning, the Turtle and her crew are faced with a choice. Do they attempt to bribe and bamboozle their way through dragonborn waters or do they brave the northern sea, sailing far around the Dragon’s Horn, in order to reach Leviathan Rest beyond? In the end, they choose the latter, Hakari and Korbin eager to see their northern climes and Nasira not eager to run further afoul of her potentially peeved relatives.



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