Seventeen Seas

Episode 46 - Into the Shamala Sea

Scheming Abounds

Game Date: Widderways 45 – 62, Year 75
Starting Point: Shamala Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

In the middle of the night, Weed surfaces from her sleeping bath and follows Ghostcrab onto the Dragon Turtle’s deck. To the bemusement of Hakari and Korbin, she points out to sea – at seemingly nothing – and dives in. Weed, however, see bright lights, bubbling water and eventually the image and voice of her father, the Knight of Weeds. Strangled by seaweed, he urges her to “Seek the star, seek the story!” before he disappears.

It is a long and lonely journey across this stretch of the Shamala Sea. The weather grows colder, the oceans are empty in all directions and the crew starts to go a little squirrelly. There’s a lengthy debate involving Korbin, Hakari, Inio and Nasira about the ship’s recent vandalization and whom should be responsible for cleaning it up. There’s a strange and unexplained bribe left for Hakari, Korbin and Weed, imploring them to “look the other way”. Eventually, after much horizon scanning, sails’re spotted and pursued.

Capturing the small dragonborn merchant, the pirates collect her cargo of myrrh, salted beef and slaves, a little reluctant about the last item. In the process, Korbin convinces Wan-Su not to join the merchant’s crew and Nasira discovers the cargo may actually be the property of her father and her father’s clan. Deciding to boost morale, the officers release the held gold they’d promised and the crew is jubilant. Hakari takes this opportunity to invite Nasira to his cabin and attempts – somewhat unsuccessfully – to hash out their difficulties.

Continuing on their voyage, the Dragon Turtle is eventually attacked by a hungry scrag, hanging off the craplines and munching on whatever sailor comes down to relieve themselves. Leaping into the fray, the officers make short work of the creature. One by one, Hakari lobs off each of its three mutated hands and stuffs them into a sack. With lightning and magical sickness, Weed and Korbin manage to prevent the creature’s infamous regeneration. Nasira takes the fight straight to the beast, dealing a menacing blow that further frightens the dumb creature.

When the scrag is finally defeated, Korbin attempts to collect both enough funds and the scattered body parts of Ghassan, the fallen pirate, and casts raise dead on them. After a harrowing experience in the after-life, Ghassan returns to swear his further fealty to the ship and the crew.



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