Seventeen Seas

Episode 48 - Crumbling Hall of the Frost Giant Jarl

In the Halls of Jarl Balvorg

Game Date: Widderways 66 – 70, Year 75
Starting Point: Shamala Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

The farther and farther north the iceberg sails, the colder and colder the world becomes. Our swashbuckling heroes huddle amid the ice, attempting to stave off a shivering death. Korbin amuses himself by playing games and telling stories to the frost giant hunters, while Hakari makes some keen observations about the way the giants treat their orcish slaves. Along the way, they encounter some wildlife, a war-burg and observe the shortening of the daylight in favor of longer and longer nights.

After four miserable days, the iceberg eventually arrives at the imposing palace of Vorgheim. Taken inside, the pirates follow their giant guides towards the throne room. Hakari, meanwhile, notes that the orcish slaves are diverted, drawn away to catacombs lower in the fortress and resolves to sneak away and rescue them. His companions, meanwhile, continue on their way to meet Jarl Balvorg.

In the throne room of Jarl Balvorg, the pirates were confronted with Skjuld the Sow, a berserker and champion of the jarl, who challenged them to holmgang. When the battle was joined, they made quick work of the giant, only to look on in horror as she transformed into a massive polar bear before their eyes. The fight beginning anew, she was eventually beaten down and defeated, transforming back into her giant form, amid a bout of laughter.


Meanwhile, Hakari mounted a one-man expedition into the slave pens and attempted to free the orcish prisoners. While initially successful, he was inevitably discovered and lead his freed slaves on a long chase through the halls and corridors of Vorgheim, assisted in his attempts to escape by Vjergblin and divine intervention from Korbin. When he rejoined his companions in the throne room, Jarl Balvorg was impressed with his temerity and granted him the return of his “slaves”, claiming he had won them rightfully in battle.

From the jarl’s völva, they learned of the origins of Far Thanaz, how the undead nation stands between the giants and the northern pole and about how the dragonborn warship that captured her daughter was headed for their unholy waters. In exchange for gold and more “slaves”, the pirates agreed to mount an expedition to retrieve Ylva Vorgsdottir from Far Thanazian clutches.



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