Seventeen Seas

Episode 53 - Leviathan Rest

Scheming Begins Anew!

Game Date: Widderways 95, Year 75
Starting Point: Leviathan Rest
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

Arriving in Bonesburg, our swashbuckling heroes set to exploring the town. When Korbin and Weed retired to the Dragon Turtle, they discovered the ship almost empty, the crew drunk and Deadrick acting very suspicious. When Hakari explored the docks, looking for a pirate captain to offer his orcs to, he encountered a few swashbucklers from the Hurricane that wanted to introduce him to their Captain. When Nasira went to find a drink, she discovered the majority of the Turtle’s crew – frost giant and Captain included – at the local blind-tiger.


While Inio and Nasira caught up, Hakari told tales to his orcish brethren and Korbin bought Weed a fried something, a strange dwarf – obese, strapped with potions and carrying a hefty blunderbuss – accused Inio of stealing his ship and opened fire. In the ensuing brawl, Nasira slew a few, Korbin called for parlay, Weed threw a thunderous tantrum and Hakari pretended to side with Captain Rotgut. When hostilities had calmed down, Hakari struck a bargain with Rotgut, offering him the orcs in exchange for a favor. Before the dwarf could go and crack Inio’s skull, however, Korbin trapped him within a blade barrier spell. Slipping away while the getting was good, they left the dwarf to steam.

As night descended, the crew once again split up. Nasira and Weed preceded to head on a shopping trip to the Skull. Hakari visited his orcs, collected fifteen volunteers for Rotgut’s crew and fifteen for his own and, in exchange for the northern barbarians, acquired the services of a very familiar spellsail. Korbin and Inio, meanwhile, discovered that his map was missing and, through the aid of the ravenfolk’s magic, deduced the culprit – Deadrick.

Once everyone was reassembled in the scheming room, Deadrick had the story out. He’d planned to make a copy of the map and sell it to another captain, making a little coin for himself. In order to make the map look legitimate, however, he’d need to steal it briefly. Under a zone of truth, he also confessed that he’d intended to bribe the officers into looking the other way, but their northern sojourn threw things into chaos.

An intense debate then ensued, with the officers attempting to find the right course. While Hakari argued strongly for leniency, Korbin wished to see him punished in the same fashion as he was, months earlier. Nasira made the point that, since none of the crew saw the offense, none need know about it, as it would only shake their morale. After deciding to quietly punish Deadrick and strip him of his rank, it was then decided to pursue his ploy anyway, selling to the map to a local captain with connections to Nasira – Devraj Devil-May-Care – that might take the bait.



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