Seventeen Seas

Episode 59 - Go Completely Mad

Our Swashbuckling Heroes Lose Their Minds

Game Date: Clockways 95, Year 75
Starting Point: Ilisan Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

The matter shall be decided with trial-by-combat. The accused, Brasshorn, will battle an impartial champion, Hakari’s captive yeti. Though she fought savagely, Brasshorn was eventually defeated by the cold stare and slashing claws of Festergut. The matter settled to everyone’s satisfaction, Captain Korbin assembled a landing party to explore this new island, “Go Completely Mad”, and Hakari dragged Woodward along to join them.

Once ashore, Hakari demanded they stop and make a picnic. With Weed’s help, they managed to snag a seagull and roast it over a fire. While Nasira scouted the jungle and overheard the sounds of distant drums, Korbin spent his every minute observing Woodward, writing down her every action and word, much to the wizard’s chagrin.

Once they departed again, heading inland, our swashbuckling heroes encountered a very strange islander – purple skinned, covered in yellow markings, carrying a notched warclub and full of barbaric rage. No sooner than they engaged in this creature in battle than five more came rampaging from the brush, all attempting to crack the pirate’s skulls with their clubs.


The fortunes of the battle swayed this way and that. Nasira was struck savagely in the opening swings but fought back twice as fiercely. Weed lashed out with her magic, ensorcelling one and electrocuting all that remained. Woodward placed one savage under a suggestion spell, in an attempt to help Hakari communicate with them. Korbin and Hakari, however, fell prey to a very strange phenomena in the presence of these islanders – they too were infected with the snarling, savage rage that forced them to attack their shipmates. Indeed, Hakari’s rage was so murderous, nearly felling Woodward outright, that a frightened Weed cast polymorph upon the half-orc, transforming him into a comparatively harmless but no less enraged penguin.

When the dust settled and Hakari returned to normal, the pirates had a prisoner. Dragging him back onto the beach, they attempted to interrogate the native about what could be found on the island and, instead, got nothing but one word – “qullan” or “fury” – from him. With no other options, the pirates sent Woodward back to the ship to keep an eye on them and all agreed to succumb to the creature’s madness, in the hopes that it might take them where they need to go.



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