Seventeen Seas

Episode 64 - Find The Fire

Fire and Brimstone

Game Date: Clockways 120 – 132, Year 75
Starting Point: Ilisan Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

The skull storm swept across the Dragon Turtle, hurling bones at the unsuspecting crew. Despite the crew’s best efforts, the ship suffered heavy damage during the storm and even lost a pair of hands, putting a damper on the remaining of the Skullsday festivities.

In short order, they arrived at the next island – “Find The Fire” – and discovered a volcanic archipelago of black sand and bleached palm trees. Dispatching two more landing parties to search for supplies, our swashbuckling heroes found clues left behind by Captain Ilisa and went scrambling up the side of the volcano. While Nasira grew weary from the climbing, Hakari suffered from the heat, rising to an almost unbearable level the closer they came to the summit.

At the summit, the pirates spotted a bone trinket, set precarious atop a pillar of rock in the center of the bubbling caldera. No sooner had they arrived, however, than a massive fire primordial appeared and began walking around the caldera’s edge. As she did, the level of magma rose and rose, quickly setting a timer on how long the swashbucklers had to retrieve that bone trinket.


Hakari made a daring leap across the chasm and nearly fell into the lava as a result. Weed cast cold magic to build a bridge to help him back across. Nasira moved to confront the primordial but, upon feeling the sheer heat radiating off her body, had second thoughts and retreated. Korbin, meanwhile, shifted onto the ethereal plane and began to study the living god, scribbling as many notes as he could, all while resisting the pull of Ignos, the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Once Hakari had recovered the bone trinket, our swashbuckling heroes beat a hasty and cumbersome retreat. Fleeing just feet ahead of the overflowing lava, Hakari attempted to ride his shield down the volcano’s slopes to mixed results. Weed, similarly, attempted to use her teleport as best she could and spent much of the descent tumbling. Nasira, much more careful with her footwork, was eventually reduced to simply scampering down the slopes. Korbin, meanwhile, continued to study the primordial until much later, when he appeared aboard the ship, supposedly burnt and scarred, in another of his elaborate ruses.

En route to the next island, the disease ravaging the crew grew worse and worse. Hakari sought a spiritual solution and, at the advice of Shazalq, butched a swordfish as a sacrifice to appease Skadi, goddess of winter. Nasira, meanwhile, observed Taryoc potentially communicating telepathically with Fakira, setting her a little on edge. Weed spoke briefly with a bubblefly, fluttering past, and learned of a potential portal to the Elemental Plane of Water somewhere to the south. Korbin, still attending his regular therapy sessions with Vito, noticed that more and more pirates were deferring to Inio, rather than his own orders.

It was Nasira who eventually called a meeting to discuss the disease issue. A number of good practices were put into place, at the behest of Akvar. Those already infected were to be quarantined, specifically prohibited from congregating in the tavern. The ship’s divine spellcasters – Korbin, Sister Mallet, Shazalq and Yasha – were conscripted to use their magic to cure the prostitutes and purify the food, to prevent the sickness spreading. Extra soap and extra baths were ordered for all the crew, to attempt to keep everyone sanitary and healthy. Whether these new changes will drive out the sickness remains to be seen.

Eight days into their voyage, however, a more pressing threat literally reared its head. A pair of sea serpents, rising from the ocean, attacked the Dragon Turtle, filling Weed with excitement, for this was the next sight predicted in her storybook.



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