Seventeen Seas

Episode 66 - Brave the Cold

The Appearance of Hoxorabad

Game Date: Clockways 134–142, Year 75
Starting Point: Ilisan Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

The Dragon Turtle sailed south. Along the way, Hakari employed his tankard of truth to get some answers from Woodward about her unrequited feelings for him. Nasira conspired with the ship’s purser to cut down on the crew’s rations – under Inio’s apparent orders. Weed spent some time with Bubbles and Korbin was dismayed to discover all his specimen – the will o’the wisp, the cranium rat and all the rest – released from his cages.

Before Korbin could track them all down, however, a new danger presented itself. A white dragon appeared quite suddenly from the clouds and bathed the Turtle in its freezing breath. As it flapped past the ship, Nasira saw something remarkable, frozen to its underside – another bone trinket.

This sparked a fierce debate among the crew. The dragonborn members – Nasira and Fakira chief among them – were overawed by the religious ramifications of another dragon, of this size and power, existing out here. Hakari wanted nothing to do with a dragon, preparing to depart in the dinghy rather than face the creature. Captain Inio, of course, wanted that bone trinket and, with Hakari’s eventual help, started crafting a scheme whereby they could recover it without fighting the creature. Nasira eventually employed Taryoc to go and ask for parley with the beast and, when the pseudodragon returned, was enraged to discover it had swapped allegiances, now swearing loyalty to Hoxorabad the White, its new master.


Trapping the treacherous familiar in an empty birdcage, the party took Weed’s swanboat westward, towards the dragon’s island. After disembarking and stomping across the icy terrain, they eventually encountered the dragon, in all her august finery. Bribing her with a hero’s feast and a pittance of gold and gems from the ship’s dragonborn and attempting to ensorcel her with a few hidden glyphs, it was Nasira – with some help from Fakira – who ultimately negotiated the surrender of the bone trinket from the dragon. In the process, she informed Hoxorabad about the Dragonate, of which she seemed ignorant, and also proposed returning all Ilisa’s treasure to the dragon in tribute.

As the ship departed, the white dragon made one final strafing run past the ship, the dragonborn crew marveling at the sight.



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