Seventeen Seas

Episode 69 - Mutiny Most Foul

Tensions Mount

Game Date: Clockways 152–158, Year 75
Starting Point: Ilisan Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

On the island of books, Korbin and Yu wrack their brain to solve Ilisa’s anagram puzzle. Hakari, Nasira and Fakira discover a very strange monster – a librivore – in the midst of the book warrens. After Hakari captures the creature and Nasira dreams of schemes they might run with the beast’s aide, Korbin discovers the clue – “SEADEVIL” – and, uncovering a text by that name, collects the final bone trinket.


Back aboard the Dragon Turtle, Captain Inio is only too pleased to assemble the full bone medallion but is unsure what this accomplishes. As the ship sails onward, the weather and the morale are both gloomy, heavy with portent. Amid a scuffle on deck, Korbin overhears a rumor – Khalothrax the Green is broke – and is pleased. A drunken confrontation in the tavern between Yu and Woodward sees one storming off and another polymorphed into a red macaw. Working together, Hakari and Korbin mediate the conflict, punish Woodward and prepare to mount a strange theatrical production, via the use of the librivore and an exciting shipwreck story.

Meanwhile, Nasira has more serious schemes with her sister. Over the course of the voyage, she slowly starts to convince her to challenge Inio for his captaincy. Uncertain, Fakira says she will only act if she has the support of one of the officers – either Hakari or Korbin. While Hakari and his orcs refuse to choose a side, Korbin concurs, agreeing that the leadership of the vessel is in peril and that, perhaps, Inio’s time has come.

With this support, Fakira challenges Inio who blithely accepts. Unwilling to kill his halfling friend, Korbin schemes up a means to prevent his death, even in defeat. The Captain, meanwhile, confronts Nasira, asking her to ask her sister to step down. When Nasira holds firm, Inio sadly informs her that, should she lose, he’ll have no choice but to kill her. Nasira is undaunted.

Come sunset, the duel is ready to commence. Inio begins to give a speech, exhorting the crew for their faithlessness, when a bright light starts to emanate from the surrounding water. As that water bubbles and foams, Korbin and Hakari flash on the last time they saw such a thing but are both surprised when, instead of a sea monster, a sea maiden emerges. She floats onto the deck and alights there, a vision of aquatic splendor and pelagic beauty.

She is Lady Weed and she has returned.



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