Seventeen Seas

Episode 73 - Devil's Plaything

Beneath The Island

Game Date: Clockways 165 – 166, Year 75
Starting Point: Tog
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Lady Weed

Cooler heads prevailed. Once Inio was beaten to a pulp, Korbin proposed heading back into the jungle to search for suitable prey to sacrifice, in lieu of any sentient creature. While Sengka, Lady Weed and Korbin mounting a hunting expedition, Hakari, the senseless Inio and the scheming dragonborn siblings remained behind, whispering and plotting against one another. Once the hunting party returned with a sackful of lizards and a genuine surprise to see their companions unmurdered, a lizard was sacrificed, the way was opened and the pirates descended into the darkened passages below.

What they discovered below was a seemingly endless maze, a labyrinth of carved stone that appeared to run all beneath the island. Watched on all sides by the sneering face of Tog, our swashbuckling heroes started to make slow progress through the maze-like passages, with Korbin as guide and Hakari as scout. Meanwhile Inio, Fakira and Nasira sniped at each other and Lady Weed struggled to keep herself entertained.

It wasn’t long before they ran afoul of their first trap. Poisonous gas poured from the walls and the ceiling started to lower and lower, threatening to crush them beneath it. Once that trap was passed, they stumbled into another, one that nearly split the party into two halves but was circumvented by Korbin’s use of stone shape. After that, a massive boulder rolled from the ceiling and, in combination with a series of spears shot from the ceiling, could have flattened the pirates, were it not for Nasira and Fakira’s teamwork to stop the rolling stone. Next Fakira was the sole target of a swinging axe that tossed her into a spiked pit, much to Inio’s amusement.

Battered, beaten and losing their grip on reality, the pirates made an improvised shelter for the night and camped in the midst of the maze. They were awoken, quite rudely, however, by a very strange intruder – a massive mechanical bull, with an oddly familiar face – that came galloping into their campsite. Goring with its horns, stomping with its hooves and spewing petrifying gas, it managed to petrify both Inio and Lady Weed but was first banished, for all eternity, to the Elemental Plane of Water.


The next morning, when Inio and Lady Weed were restored, the party was preparing to depart when they received a most unwelcome message from Woodward – two ships had suddenly appeared, trapping the Dragon Turtle in the bay. One of those ships was the Nymph, the personal flagship of Captain Corgaine the Cleaver.



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