Seventeen Seas

Episode 75 - Tog Unleashed

The Real Treasure Was Friendship

Game Date: Clockways 167, Year 75
Starting Point: Tog
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Lady Weed, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

The battle quickly turns against Captain Ilisa and her borrowed buccaneers. Though Hakari does become ensorcelled by the Cutlass, the tiefling pirate is quickly surrounded and, facing defeat, she disappeared. Once Hakari – after a brief interlude as a penguin – is freed from his enchantment and claims the Cutlass, Nasira and Fakira enter the treasure chamber. No sooner have they done this, however, than Tog awakens and Korbin bloats up like a balloon, full of Ssessr’s poison.

As the totem of Tog bellowed his pronouncement, hot magma poured down his face and all the faces in the labyrinth beyond. Rushing to recover the chest, our swashbuckling heroes realized they had no good means of escape as Tog slowly awakened. Thinking quickly, Korbin shifted himself, Inio, Nasira and Fakira all onto the Ethereal Plane, safe from the calamity around them. Lady Weed transformed into a bubblefly and carried the chest out through the snapping teeth of Tog while Hakari simply climbed his way to freedom, using his crowbar to prop open Tog’s teeth.


The island was in utter revolt. As Tog animated, he pulled the various arms of the island from the sea and began to slog through the water, headed northwest. This brought utter pandemonium and calamity to the island. The earth cracked and shook. Trees fell, snapped and were thrown through the air. The ground ruptured in lava, avalanches flattened forests and the sea seethed like soup. Through this gauntlet must Lady Weed and Hakari run, carrying the chest and haunted by their ethereal companions.

By the time Hakari climbed aboard the Dragon Turtle, he’d dodged avalanches, bursting magma, galloping dinosaurs, vertiginous falls and a harrowing swim through the tumultous bay – all while carrying the chest and the unconscious Lady Weed. When Korbin, Nasira and their fellows appeared on the deck, they quickly browbeat her provisional crew into getting the ship underway.

As quickly as she could, the Dragon Turtle fled the ravages of Tog. Now fully animated, the island stomped through the rioting sea, headed for an unknown destination. In their frantic escape, they surged through tidal waves, explosive plumes of water, clouds of steam, Tog’s baleful eye and even a collision with the Yeenoghu.

During the escape, Lady Weed used her sorcery to disintegrate waves, sang shanties to inspire and was eventually whisked away into the Elemental Plane of Water. Nasira took the helm from a frightened hyenafolk and steered the ship faithfully, until her father arrived to collect her and her sister for some unspoken urgency. After getting a drink and reuniting with Deadrick, Hakari took the wheel but promptly dissolved into snow. Now abandoned aboard the vessel, Korbin attempted to inspire the remaining crewmen with religious verve but was teleported away by Ngaio, possessing Nadia, in the seconds before he could secure the treasure.



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