Seventeen Seas

Episode 76 - The Four Winds

The Party Scattered

Game Date: Clockways 167, Year 75
Starting Points: Aquos, Vorgheim & Qhuwad
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Lady Weed, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit


Lady Weed appears on her throne in the Kingdom of Kelp, surrounded by her loyal knights and retainers. Her majordomo, the triton Gillsby,is anxious to brief her on the dilemma. It seems there’s a massive void, sucking all the water and citizenry of the Kingdom into it, that leads to some unknown location. Having tracked the source of the extraplanar vacuum, they believe it originates on the Material Plane at the center of the Windwaste. Ordering a battalion of coral-knights to accompany her, Lady Weed departed immediately, using the spell plane shift to arrive on a small uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Nasira and Fakira appear in the evening salon of their father, the dragonborn crime lord Nurit az-Yassin. After offering them dates and palm wine, he explained the situation to them thusly. All the winds in the world are steering every ship the same place – a massive thunderhead in the center of the Windwaste. This has obviously disastrous connotations for the Dragon’s Hoard and, for this reason, he sent his nephew – Fairuz az-Yassin – to investigate. The privateer was slain, however, in the hurricane and now he needs a new captain to seize this effect and potentially bring him whatever can control the winds. After requisitioning a box of prized roc jerky, the two sisters were gathered before the portal, their father wishing that “the best Yassin win” before teleporting them both to a small uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Hakari was sculpted from ice, standing in the midst of a circle of frost giant jarls. Summoned before the Jarlsmoot, Hakari was briefed by Jarl Balvorg. Something is summoning Far Thanaz southward. After decimating the frost giant forces with their draumungandr, they recently dispatched a small flotilla of ships, all armed for hunting, to the Windwaste. The Jarlsmoot could only spare one war-berg to pursue but their frost giants cannot operate in such cold seas. Instead, they need a commander who can lead them to victory – enter Hakari. Hakari agreed but only on the condition that, henceforth, all orcs go free. While the rest of the jarls balked, the Jarlfather, leader of the frost giants, agreed. No sooner had he agreed than the ice that contained him cracked and fell away, dumping him on an uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Korbin appeared in dark, deep water. Tossing in a pearl, he swam down the tunnel, heading toward the flashing blue light that guided him deeper. At its source, he found a lethally wounded Ngaio and nursed the marid back to health. The situation was dire, Ngaio explained. Someone – a kraken by the name of the Jeweler – had stolen all three Pearls of Power and assembled them in the Windwaste. Having nearly given his life in their defense, Ngaio begged Korbin for his aid, providing him a merfolk kingdom and a holy artifact of Mother Monster to aid him in the recovery of those three Pearls. Carrying his cumbersome artifact – a figurehead with a massive carven spider – Korbin was whisked away to an uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Reassembled on the uninhabited island, our swashbuckling heroes squeeze in a little scheming before their collective forces arrive. Lady Weed spots another leviathan in the waters beyond the island. Nasira chows down on her honeyed roc jerky. Hakari wards off the Cutlass’s psychic advances. Korbin has trouble keeping his figurehead standing.

More importantly, our heroes have a much deserved rest – before the real battle begins.



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