Korbin's Right Wing Man


“The immense dragonborn that stands before you looks burly enough to heft a cannon onto one shoulder. Dressed in ruffian’s clothing and with a menacing cast about his face, he wears the trophies of his conquest plainly on his body, none more notable than the string of dragonborn scales around his neck, displaying those of his own clan he has murdered. Despite all the brutality of his appearance, however, when he speaks, there’s a softness, a childlike quality to his voice, that takes you aback.”


Hired in Port Panthera, Bloodboil has been a loyal crewmember aboard both the Kruthik, the Hammerhead and now the Dragon Turtle these past months. Originally a standoffish specimen, the great dragonborn took a shining to Korbin immediately and frequently accompanies the ravenfolk quartermaster wherever he goes, acting as Pennyfeather’s pet muscle. While he was born a slave, Bloodboil knows little of dragonborn culture, unable to even speak Draconic.

Something of a simpleton, Bloodboil had previously come into a spot of trouble when he accidentally revealed sensitive information to Captain Cutlass, who used that information to kill three crewmen and make off with the Hammerhead’s booty. Korbin attempted to take the fall for Bloodboil and subsequently lose his quartermaster position. As the weeks passed, Bloodboil slowly recovered his reputation. As a gift from Korbin, he now wields the enchanted greatsword of a former Continental king.

While crossing the Ilisan Sea, Bloodboil was among those pirates seemingly abducted by the Burning Tower. When Inio returned, he claimed cryptically that Bloodboil did not make it.

Race: Dragonborn
Age: 21
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 265 lbs
Scales: Yellow
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 8 – Port of Panthers
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 57 – Charm The Serpent


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