Former Captain of the Dragon Turtle


“As he comes striding across the boards, this scrawny halfling figure somehow puts you in mind of a potent pirate captain, able to lead men into action and steer his vessel through dangerous waters. Dressed in common cotton, striking striped pants and a dashing leather greatcoat, his black hair falling in dreadlocks, the Captain seems perpetually to wear a craggy scowl upon his face, always squinting off at something far away. A pair of flintlock pistols adorn his belt and a basket-hilted rapier rides his hip. The hat, however, is the true masterpiece – ostentatiously enormous, artfully tattered here and there and capped by a gigantic feather.”


A pirate upon the seas, man and boy, Inio was bequeathed his precious spyglass by a former Captain before he and his siblings commandeered the Hurricane out from underneath Captain Rotgut in Ankledeep. Pursuing a great and mysterious treasure far to the west, Inio has lost much – his family, his ship and his dignity – in the hunt for the Sistren’s lost treasure. A schemer and conniver at heart, Inio has that heart set on acquiring that treasure, the consequences be damned.

Now the Captain of the Dragon Turtle, Inio and his crew seek a means to recover the treasure, despite all the obstacles – ghost ships, pirate republics and sea monsters – that stand in their way.

While crossing the Ilisan Sea, Captain Inio disappeared from his cabin. Returned two weeks later, the captain was much changed. Claiming to have been abducted by the forces of hell, he began muttering to himself, becoming confused on deck and occasionally taking great risks – seemingly for the hell of it. He now stands upon the brink of a mutiny, his captaincy challenged and his officers turned against him. Defeated in a duel by Fakira az-Yassin ibbin-Nuritt and his captaincy claimed, Inio’s death was faked and tossed overboard. His fate remains unknown.

Race: Halfling
Age: 27
Height: 3’0"
Weight: 34 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 1 – An Island Uncharted
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 70 – Pistols, Then Swords


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