Captain Inio

Captain of the Dragon Turtle


“As he comes striding across the boards, this scrawny halfling figure somehow puts you in mind of a potent pirate captain, able to lead men into action and steer his vessel through dangerous waters. Dressed in common cotton, striking striped pants and a dashing leather greatcoat, his black hair falling in dreadlocks, the Captain seems perpetually to wear a craggy scowl upon his face, always squinting off at something far away. A pair of flintlock pistols adorn his belt and a basket-hilted rapier rides his hip. The hat, however, is the true masterpiece – ostentatiously enormous, artfully tattered here and there and capped by a gigantic feather.”


A pirate upon the seas, man and boy, Inio was bequeathed his precious spyglass by a former Captain before he and his siblings commandeered the Hurricane out from underneath Captain Rotgut in Ankledeep. Pursuing a great and mysterious treasure far to the west, Inio has lost much – his family, his ship and his dignity – in the hunt for the Sistren’s lost treasure. A schemer and conniver at heart, Inio has that heart set on acquiring that treasure, the consequences be damned.

Now the Captain of the Dragon Turtle, Inio and his crew seek a means to recover the treasure, despite all the obstacles – ghost ships, pirate republics and sea monsters – that stand in their way.

Race: Halfling
Age: 27
Height: 3’0"
Weight: 34 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 1 – An Island Uncharted
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 56 – Carry A Tune

Captain Inio

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