Bō (Cecily)

The Unenlightened


“Dressed in a fetching wrap of sailcloth and a string of clacking meditation beads, this lean and limber elven warrior moves with an acrobatic grace that suggests years spent in the ship’s rigging, bounding from yardarm to yardarm. Somewhat quiet and reserved, the young maid bears a few telltale traits of her people – the caramel skin, tinged with a faint green, the long and elaborately braided raven hair but none more obvious than her dedication to the austere arts, practicing her breathing and martial exercises on topdecks every morning.”

Female Elf Monk 9


Race: Elf (Gong Zao)
Age: 28
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Raised in a small colonial town, Cecily was ostracized by her peers, on account of her elven heritage. Adopted by a Gong Zao master at a young age, she only began to learn the ways of enlightenment and excellence before her master abandoned her. With no desire to return to the humdrum life of her hometown, she set sail aboard a pirate ship, where she spends most of her time in the rigging, using her natural agility and discipline to scamper about the sails.

Named first mate aboard the Hammerhead by Captain Inio, Cecily is very loyal and compassionate, wishing to do right by her friends and loved ones.Torn between the worlds of her mentor – once the exile Zhitao – and her parents – Chen Liao-Xi and Xiao Wan-Su – the arrival of Bō’s former mentor, Chuanli, settled the issue.

At his beckoning, Cecily agreed to give up the piratical life and join him in his monastery – though her companions do not know this yet.

First Appearance: Episode 1 – An Island Uncharted
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 41 – Breaker of Ships
Played by Nicole Tilly


  • Bond (Acceptance): Delivering a stirring speech to Bael Briarborn, warning him against harming her friends. ( Episode 5)
  • Bond (Acceptance): In attempting to fit in amongst her pirate comrades, spilling some beans that might be better off unspilled. ( Episode 7)
  • Personality Trait (Kindness): For fostering a friendship with Coquette, over rum and the pitfalls of mentorship. ( Episode 13)
  • Bond (Enlightenment): For choosing her meditation and studies over carousing and scheming with her friends and crewmates. ( Episode 16)
  • Ideal (Friendship): For purchasing a gift for her hard-hearted mentor. ( Episode 19)
  • Flaw (Prejudice): For deciding to dick over a family of dwarven nobles. ( Episode 24)
  • Ideal (Friendship): For giving Corgaine Ilisa’s borns and attempting to repair things with the old pirate ( Episode 30)
  • Flaw (Prejudice): Discriminating against her own crew whilst distributing treasure. ( Episode 36)
  • Bond (Enlightenment): For choosing to accompany Chuanli and complete her training, leaving her companions behind. ( Episode 39)

Bō (Cecily)

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