Chen Liao-Xi

de Manco Dressmaker, Cecily's Mother


“Though ageless in her beauty, this harried elven woman shows the lines of hard work and hard concern on her face. Dressed in commoner’s clothing, she nonetheless displays small fripperies that show her association with nobility – exquisite hair, expert makeup, a carriage and pose that suggests higher birth. Her dressmaker’s tools are never far from hand and her artistry is present in her hands and eyes, showing a keen insight and quick fingers, needed to wield the scissors, the needle, the thread.”


Chen Liao-Xi considered herself very fortunate to earn the place she did, working with the de Manco family as a dressmaker. Spotted by Rosaline de Manco in her summer estate at Withernsea, she was hired full-time as her dressmaker and it was here she met her husband, Xiao Wan-Su. They had a child together, the rebellious Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, and spent much of their time chiding their daughter, encouraging her to fold into their Colonial life.

When Cecily ran away to become a pirate, Liao-Xi’s life slowly started to crumble. Her husband took to drinking, they started to quarrel and he was eventually sold to another noble, his contract purchased somewhere in the Clemestine Sea. When Cecily once again returned, mother and daughter shared a bittersweet reunion, Liao-Xi agreeing to sew a privateering flag and baby clothes for Ovette, urging Cecily all the while to stay here with her.

Race: Elf
Age: 54
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 114 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Episode 20 – Voyage of the Hammerhead

Chen Liao-Xi

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