Bō's Former Mentor


“Dressed in colorfully dyed robes, this elven monk is a prime physical specimen, walking with an unearthly grace wherever he goes. This taut muscles are like knotted cords beneath his skin, revealing an incredible physique and supreme athleticism, but his gait is easy, relaxed, unhurried and without aggrandizement. His head has been shaved completely and, on his forehead, he bears three tattooed dots – one white, one green and one purple. His face shows hard lines of concentration but also smooth lines of laughter, kindness and sympathy.”


Once dwelling on the small island of Withernsea, Chuanli was once Cecily’s master and mentor, schooling her in the arts of the Gong Zao. The longer Cecily learned beneath him, however, the fonder and fonder she grew of her old master until, one day, Chuanli informed her he was departing. At that time, the sage old monk disappeared, leaving his newfound pupil adrift.

Years later, while prowling the Shao Han Sea, Chuanli’s vessel was attacked by none other than the Yasmaridd, a dragonborn galley recently commandeered by Bō and her crew of pirates. When master and pupil reunited, Chuanli was shocked to discover it was Zhitao who took up her training. Warning Bō against trusting her, he told her that Zhitao had killed one of her former pupils in a wrath. When he offered Cecily the chance to depart and come with him, back to Zao and the monastery he oversees there, Bō jumped at the chance.

Race: Elf
Age: 233
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 152 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Episode 39 – Kill the Masters
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 41 – Breaker of Ships


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