Korbin "Pennyfeather" Quill

The Ravenfolk


“An average enough crowfolk to all appearances, this Chimeran bristles his black feathers at that appellation. Dressed in a shimering suit of mithril half-plate, he wears what appears to be a ragged robe of scholarly sapphire, long enough that it swishes around his taloned feet when he walks. In addition, the Chimeran appears to be a piratical priest of some kind, wearing both gaudy jewelry on fingers and symbols of Mother Monster – most notably, the talon of a gigantic bird – on ankles and around his neck.”

Male Chimeran Cleric of Ravenhead 17


Race: Chimeran (“Ravenfolk”)
Age: 22
Height: 4’7"
Weight: 40 lbs
Feathers: Black
Eyes: Black

Leading a complicated past, the “ravenfolk” known as Korbin Quill or “Pennyfeather” is now a pirate, once a priest, once a scholar, once a beggar. Raised among his people, he nonetheless attended a Colonial university, received his education and eventually became a priest of Mother Monster, the multi-headed Chimeran deity. Extremely proud of his people’s ancient heritage, Korbin disdains the lowly crowfolk, whom he sees as beneath his culture’s great legacy. All the same, he cannot resist shiny baubles and will always seek treasure, in any of its many forms. He also has a voracious appetite for knowledge, oftentimes capturing specimen to study and learn of their peculiar natures.

First mate aboard the Dragon Turtle, Korbin is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the Shriek, the leviathan and the three great pearls. In the past, he’d partnered with Ngaio the Night-Navigator, a powerful marid of the Elemental Plane of Water, and recovered those artifacts that the genie wished to recover. His more recent schemes involves forging an alliance with the frost giants against the dark powers of Far Thanaz. In many ways, Korbin’s goal – rid the world of the evil he believes he brought forth – has made him the moral center of the crew, distancing him from the greedier, more selfish pirates around him.

By campaign’s end, Korbin set himself upon a new impossible task. Having recovered all three of the Pearls of Power, he took – with Captain Inio’s help – to research the Nine Hells, attempting to find a way to return Bloodboil from eternal damnation.

First Appearance: Episode 1 – An Island Uncharted
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 80 – A Merry Life And A Short One
Played by Attila Herrera

Current: 225,000 XP
Level 17: 225,000 XP



Magic Items

  • Amulet of Health (attuned)
  • Ring of Feather Fall (attuned)
  • Mithril half-plate
  • Ring of the Goat
  • Wand of the Centipede (attuned)


  • Personality Trait (Inquisitive): Investigating every nook and cranny aboard the Shriek. ( Episode 2)
  • Background (Sage): Donating the remainder of his gold to help Professor Krillkator escape Palmsport. ( Episode 4)
  • Bond (Artifact): Enduring all of Bellany of the Black Rose’s sass, in order to learn more about the Pearl. ( Episode 8)
  • Personality Trait (Inquisitive): Continually questioning the steedfolk about her people and her anatomy ( Episode 12)
  • Personality Trait (Vainglorious): Inspiring the crew, spreading his name and reveling in the glory of victory ( Episode 17)
  • Personality Trait (Vainglorious): For leaping into the persona of Captain Quincy, privateer extraordinaire ( Episode 21)
  • Personality Trait (Inquisitive): For expressly ignoring the strenuous warning of Ngaio, Night-Navigator, in pursuit of knowledge. ( Episode 25)
  • Flaw (Greed): For continuing to accept coins from Weed, knowing full well that she would shock him. ( Episode 29)
  • Flaw (Greed): For agreeing to charge headlong after Cutlass once some of his shinies were stolen ( Episode 33)
  • Bond (Pearl): For diving into the boiling water after the Pearl ( Episode 35)
  • Personality Trait (Vainglorious): For choosing to carry a cumbersome greatsword simply because it makes him look cool ( Episode 44)
  • Bond (Leviathan): For seeking an ally against the Shriek and the Leviathan in the frost giants ( Episode 47)
  • Bond (Leviathan): For, in his hatred of Far Thanaz, smashing the jars and unleashing the ghastly vermin within ( Episode 50)
  • Bond (Leviathan): For mounting a return expedition to Naznoto to recover Ylva’s mummified organs ( Episode 52)
  • Inspiration (Ideal): For agreeing to dial back his presence at the table ( Episode 60)
  • Personality Trait (Inquisitive): To Korbin, for spending much of the encounter studying and observing the fire primordial ( Episode 64).
  • Ideal (Heritage): For reaching out and attempting to mend things with Yasha Battle-Beast ( Episode 69).
  • Inspiration: For accepting the consequences of their jaunt into the formless void of monsters ( Episode 78)

Korbin "Pennyfeather" Quill

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