Captain of the Basilisk, Sentient Sword


“At a glance, it’s an otherwise unremarkable sword, notable only for the fact that it’s imapled through the heart of a somehow living person. Its host speaks with a raspy whisper and gesticulates a little loosely, its eyes milked completely in white. The host doesn’t make too terrible much difference, it seems, to the sword – no matter who it runs through, the host still acts with the same somewhat drunken manner, hiding a cunning as sharp as the blade that pierces them.”


The exact history of the Cutlass isn’t known; somehow, through cunning and guile, it rose to the captaincy of the Basilisk, one of the most fearsome pirate ships on the Seventeen Seas. A sentient blade, the Cutlass rules by possessing the body of whomever it’s stabbed directly through, trading hosts whenever it becomes convenient to do so. It’s rumored there are two such swords in existence, but the second one was reputedly lost “in a sea of acid.”

Cutlass was once an influential captain in the Congress of Corsairs and butted heads with the Kruthik’s crew more than once. However, following an unfortunate robbery of the Iron Fist, Cutlass was blamed for Ilisa’s missing artifacts and was driven by Corgaine and her allies from Port Pillage. It was last seen in Gangwu, attempting to curry favor with the Stepsister, Commodore Fei.

Race: Cutlass
Age: ?
Length: 2’7" feet
Weight: 2 lbs
Blade: Steel
Hilt: Bronze

First Appearance: Episode 16 – Electioneering
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 34 – Between Buccaneers


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