Hakari's Accomplice


“This pirate – shirtless, scabbed and scarred – is hardly recognizable as one of the celestial elven people of the southern seas. His black hair streams down nearly to his arse, all flithy and dreadlocked, his bare chest shows the marks of a dozen knife fights and that greedy glint in his eye suggests a cunning mind, always looking for an easy score. The burly half-orc shadow that accompanies him offers some potent muscle to the elf’s mettle and together, they look a devious and fearsome pair.”


A career cutthroat, Deadrick has worked as a corsair aboard a dozen or more pirate ships, plying the Seventeen Seas. A conniving operator, Deadrick is always looking for a scheme, a score and a quick payday. His bond with Hakari, the burly half-orc bruiser, is one of the truest and most lasting of his many such mentorships. Together, the two fought through countless scrapes and scuffles, eventually landing in the employ of Nashi, Port Panthera’s trade boss. On orders from their boss, the two signed aboard the Kruthik, looking to squeeze a little extra coin from the expedition.

After a brief stint as quartermaster aboard the Dragon Turtle, Deadrick has since stepped down – citing “illness” – to allow his new friend and boon companion Nasira to take the position.

Race: Elf
Age: 125
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Episode 10 – Into the Taltoc Sea
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 75 – Tog Unleashed


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