Faveen Lone-Choir

The Troubadour


“Everything about this crowfolk makes noise. Every step he takes, every movement of his feathered limbs, everything that comes out of his great black beak is some new cacophony. Erratic and scatterbrained in his motions, the crowfolk, dressed all in motley, sounds like a orchestra falling down a staircase whenever he moves, speaks or even stands still. All the same, he seems very jolly and elated to see you, tromping happily over as instruments clang, clack, rattle and ring a clamorous chorus.”

Male Crowfolk Bard 12


Erratic, forgetful and jubilant, Faveen Lone-Choir is something of an odd duck. A performer and traveller by nature, the crowfolk minstrel loves noises of all kinds – clangs, rattles, boom and bleats. Playing a menagerie of instruments – notably the accordion and the pipe flute – Faveen is also notable for his mimicry, an ancestral trait of his people, that he employs to provide additional instrumentation to his various songs and ballads.

Once the musical accompaniment for Mistress Phanti’s Floating Festival of Fantasy, Faveen Lone-Choir attempted to flee the circus and its cruel master, stealing the Pearl of Winds in the process. Through dumb luck and happenstance, the batty crowfolk wound up in the party’s care, temporarily adopted as the Dragon Turtle’s musician. Months later, he would come in handy, when the pirates needed to sing the island of “Carry A Tune” into existence.

Race: Crowfolk
Age: 24
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 55 lbs
Feathers: Black
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 23 – Flock Together
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 69 – Mutiny Most Foul
Played by Kate Enge


  • Ideal (Sound): For wearing literal noisemakers on her hands during the session. ( Episode 23)

Faveen Lone-Choir

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