The Barkeep


“Grizzled and scarred, this brutish specimen bears his orcish heritage openly. His skin is the color of slate, etched with old wounds and rippling his muscle. His hair is jet black, falls to his shoulders and hasn’t seen soap or suds in too long to count. Dressed in the tattered clothing of a dockside meathook, he carries a strange saber to one side and a simply buckler across his back. Never is this half-orc thug far from his elven companion and the two of them share a glint in their eye that suggests a bond deeper than brotherhood.”

Male Half-Orc Rogue 16 / Fighter 1


Race: Half-Orc
Age: 49
Height: 6’2"
Weight: ?
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Little is known about the history or origins of the half-orc brute known as Hakari. Hired at the Broken Yardarm in Port Panthera, Hakari is cunning, circumspect and cruel, preferring cutthroat methods to achieve his ends. He shares a brotherly bond with Deadrick, an elven brigand, and the pair are always pulling schemes and ploys to make a quick coin here and there. He’s currently caught in a love triangle between Yu, his current paramour, and Woodward, the ship’s wizard and, for the moment, Hakari appears to be playing both sides.

In the meantime, Hakari has started to operate a little business aboard, running a makeshift tavern on the extradimensional deck that he calls the Misty Maiden. With a few whores and a bartender under his employ, he turns a small profit and has an eye to expand his business. Now the boatswain aboard the Dragon Turtle, Hakari still prefers to shirk work whenever possible, typically in favor of some new scheme – stealing his comrade’s jewelry, keeping captive drownies aboard, learning to read or rallying his orcish brethren to rise up against their frost giant captors.

By the campaign’s end, Hakari used his share of the treasure to purchase an island and establish an orcish colony, where the freed slaves could gather and establish their own society, and then went adventuring with Yu, Deadrick and Woodward.

First Appearance: Episode 10 – Into the Taltoc Sea
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 80 – A Merry Life And A Short One
Played by James Bertram

Current: 225,000 XP
Level 17: 225,000 XP



Magic Items

  • Luckblade (attuned)
  • The Cutlass (attuned)
  • +1 shield
  • gauntlets of lordly might (attuned)
  • dagger of venom (attuned)


  • Flaw (Nearsighted): Passing over his turn when overcome by the sheer grandeur of the cosmos ( Episode 14)
  • Ideal (Friendship): Rescuing Inio from Corgaine’s clutches ( Episode 18)
  • Ideal (Friendship): Convincing Brainpan to patch things up with Cecily. ( Episode 20)
  • Personality Trait (Avarice): Conspiring to keep some of the treasure chest’s gold to help repair damages to his tavern ( Episode 26)
  • Flaw (Nearsighted): Getting pretty baked on opium ( Episode 32)
  • Bond (Life Debt): For supporting his mate Deadrick in the election for quartermaster ( Episode 37)
  • Personality Trait (Untrusting): For finally sealing the deal with Yu ( Episode 40).
  • Personality Trait (Untrusting): For mistrusting this suspicious new dragonborn ally ( Episode 42)
  • Personality Trait (Untrusting): For attempting, somewhat unsuccessfully, to clear the air with Nasira ( Episode 46)
  • Flaw (Nearsighted): For attempting to free the orcish slaves with no escape plan and no hope of defeating the overwhelming odds. ( Episode 48)
  • Bond (Life Debt): For vouching for Deadrick’s life and innocence ( Episode 53)
  • Personality Trait (Untrusting): For knowing every member of the Dragon Turtle’s crew – except Bob ( Episode 56)
  • Flaw (Myopic): For launching himself and the yeti onto an enemy vessel without a second thought given to escape plans ( Episode 62)
  • Personality Trait (Avarice): For looting the Castle of Kelp ( Episode 68)
  • Flaw (Myopic): For tossing a pair of enraged trolls into the battle ( Episode 74)
  • Inspiration: For accepting the consequences of their jaunt into the formless void of monsters


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