Captain of the Iron Fist, Founding Member of the Sistren


“The portrait is only a silhouette, done in a tiefling-style of smoke stains against a blank canvas. From her outline, the figure depicted was clearly once a dashing captain, with a great bicorne hat, epauletted coat and a sweeping pair of horn. To judge by the rest of her sealed quarters, this bygone figure led a legendary career of rapine and adventure. Torn flags of every nation hang from her walls. Knickknacks and baubles – magical and mundane – are littered around. Weapons of great puissance are displayed in places of prominence. Whatever career this figure might once have lead, it no doubt left behind a great legacy – and a greater treasure.”


A founding member of the Sistren, Captain Ilisa of the Iron Fist helped marshall the defense of Ankledeep against Colonial attack in the Year 13. Since then, she became a vital member of the Corsair’s Congress but many details of her life are still unknown, those closest to her unwilling to speak about her exploits. It’s known that she was a vivacious pirate, taking risky prizes and pushing ever for expansion. She’s also known to have fallen dramatically in battle with a Colonial warship called the Righteous, but the circumstances are mysterious. Her treasure – a massive accumulation of all the plunder she’d saved – is supposedly hidden somewhere on the Seventeen Seas, lost these decades.

In life, she had a close relationship to her sisters, particularly Corgaine the Cleaver. An enchanted spyglass, bequeathed to Inio by Captain Mad Ahmad, supposedly points the way towards Ilisa’s lost treasure.

Race: Tiefling
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?

First Appearance: Episode 27 – The Righteous
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 28 – Master and Commander


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