Captain of the Iron Fist, Founding Member of the Sistren


“The portrait is only a silhouette, done in a tiefling-style of smoke stains against a blank canvas. From her outline, the figure depicted was clearly once a dashing captain, with a great bicorne hat, epauletted coat and a sweeping pair of horn. To judge by the rest of her sealed quarters, this bygone figure led a legendary career of rapine and adventure. Torn flags of every nation hang from her walls. Knickknacks and baubles – magical and mundane – are littered around. Weapons of great puissance are displayed in places of prominence. Whatever career this figure might once have lead, it no doubt left behind a great legacy – and a greater treasure.”


A founding member of the Sistren, Captain Ilisa of the Iron Fist helped marshall the defense of Ankledeep against Colonial attack in the Year 13. Since then, she became a vital member of the Corsair’s Congress but many details of her life are still unknown, those closest to her unwilling to speak about her exploits. It’s known that she was a vivacious pirate, taking risky prizes and pushing ever for expansion. She’s also known to have fallen dramatically in battle with a Colonial warship called the Righteous, but the circumstances are mysterious. Her treasure – a massive accumulation of all the plunder she’d saved – is supposedly hidden somewhere on the Seventeen Seas, lost these decades.

In life, she had a close relationship to her sisters, particularly Corgaine the Cleaver. An enchanted spyglass, bequeathed to Inio by Captain Mad Ahmad, her former quartermaster, supposedly points the way towards Ilisa’s lost treasure.

Thanks to Cecily gifting two shards of her horn to Corgaine, Ilisa was eventually resurrected and almost immediately went to retrieve her treasure. Along with her fellow Sistren, they arrived – in short order – on the island of Tog and came face-to-face with the heroes. While she was fascinated to hear their tales of adventure, they eventually came to blows over whom, exactly, would walk away with the treasure. When the battle turned against her, Ilisa disappeared and apparently survived the destruction of the island.

Race: Tiefling
Age: 38
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

First Appearance: Episode 27 – The Righteous
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 75 – Tog Unleashed


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