Lady of Weeds

Weed's Evil Stepmother


“This woman in shackled in seaweed. Certainly no mortal or earthly creature, she bears all the marks of another plane – the inhuman visage, the faint hum of otherworldly energy – and her mere gaze chills you to the very bone. Great cords and strands of kelp and seaweed entangle her, like the strings of a marionette, granting her both great power and seemingly great pain. Two streaks of black pour from her eyes, as though she perpetually weeps black tears.”


An elemental entity from Aquos, the Elemental Plane of Water, little is known about the origin of the Lady of Weeds. Sending monsters and watery tendrils to attack and harass the Hammerhead’s crew, she is believed to be the Knight of Weeds betrothed and the original murderer of Ovette. She finally manifested and attacked the Yasmaridd, demanding that Bo and Hakari – Weed’s surrogate mother and father – surrender the child.

It is unknown, when she was vanquished, whether she will return again.

Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: Green
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Episode 40 – Early in the Morning

Lady of Weeds

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