Lord Philip Reis

Cold and Calculating Captain of the Courageous


“A towering scarecrow of a man, the Colonial captain standing before you is impeccably dressed in his epauletted uniform, his brown periwig and his tricorne hat. Beside the pair of sabers and the flintlocks he bears, he is armed also with a cold stare that, when it falls upon you, freezes the very bones. When he speaks, his voice is a deep, harsh thing, as though summoned from the very bottom of his soul and crawling out from between his teeth.”


Dispatched out of New Colonia, Lord Philip Reis is the captain of the Courageous, a Colonial corvette that’s frequently sent on anti-pirate hunting expeditions. Cold, calculating and ruthless, he’s a skilled captain and a fierce fighter, capable engaging multiple enemies at once for an exceptionally long time. Cruel and merciless, he’s not above cutting a deal with pirates in order to save his reputation but whether or not he’s truthworthy remains to be seen.

Pursuing the Hammerhead from New Colonia, Lord Philip Reis and his Courageous fell into some hot water in the Ying Wei Sea when they accidentally tangled with an elven warship, the Gaolong. After a short struggle, the Courageous was jumped by their very quarry – the Hammerhead – and the two ships engaged in a prolonged duel and boarding action. Eventually settling to terms with the pirates, the two foes went their separate ways, vowing to resume hostilities should they ever meet again.

Race: Human
Age: 34
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 162 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 25 – Into the Ying Wei Sea
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 31 – Courageous Under Fire

Lord Philip Reis

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