Unnuk Raider, Hakari's Right Hand


“Dressed in treated furs and sealskin, this imposing orcish warrior is notable for the massive inflamed red scar across his forehead. In his thickly gloved hands, he grips a great double-headed axe, made from bone and flint. He stands a hand and shoulders taller than most of his already imposing kin and it is easy to see that this great brute is clearly a chieftain among his savage people – that is, until the hooded and cloaked half-orc appears on deck. Then, this great monster of an orc falls into place behind the half-orc and shows his true subservience.”


Once a leader among the enslaved Unnuk tribe, Massak led the fateful attack on the Dragon Turtle when it passed through the northern Shamala Sea. After being cowed in battle, Hakari looked to Massak to help lead the orcish survivors. Accompanying his new chieftain to Vorgheim and even to Far Thanaz beyond that, Massak has proven a capable warrior and stout defender of Hakari, even when mortally wounded in the black temple of Naznoto.

During the upheaval over the captaincy, Massak and his orcs were adamant that Hakari ought to be captain. He was appointed to boatswain while the party explored the island of Tog.

Race: Orc
Age: 15
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 311 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 47 – Icebreaker
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 75 – Tog Unleashed


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