Ngaio Night-Navigator

Marid-Lord of Aquos, Ruler of the Night Waters


“In this utter darkness, there’s only traces of the creature visible. Its beacon-like light plays off the suggestion of webbed hands, opulent sleeves and, most notable of all, the long curve of fangs. To see the marid in all his subaqueous glory, he is a sight grandiose and fearsome to behold. The supreme being you stand before has the body of a corpulent man, rotund of aspect, with fish-like features that culminate in a seadevil’s head, wide and grostesque and inhuman, from which pours this unearthly and unnatural voice.”


One of the three marid overlords of the Elemental Plane of Water, Ngaio the Night-Navigator is the most secretive, wishing his presence and his involvement in the Material Plane go unnoticed. He rules over the darkest depths, what one might call the Night Waters, and is scornful of his two peers, Tamati Tempest-Tamer and Whetu Wind-Wanderer, thinking them vain and showy in their wealth.

In order to recover his lost pearl, he’s sought the services of Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill. The pearl’s powers he’s forced to speculate but fears they would destroy the Material Plane if activated.

Against all his preparations, a kraken known as the Jeweler did manage to steal all three Pearls of Power and assemble them in the middle of the Windwaste. After a nearly fatal battle with the kraken, Ngaio summoned Korbin and begged for his aid against the creature, pleading that all life on the Material Plane depended upon it.

Race: Djinn (Marid)
Age: ?
Height: 10’1"
Weight: 1,000 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Episode 19 – Far, Far Below
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 76 – The Four Winds

Ngaio Night-Navigator

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