Ovette Whick

The Mother


“Dressed in purple silks and frilly finery, the most striking feature about this petite halfling woman – other than her parasol – is her pregnant belly. Her dark hair festooned gaudily with ribbons, there’s a certain lowborn quality to her dress, suggesting a humble background and an indulgence for finer things. Now and again, however, something more arcane and sinister rears its head in the young woman’s aspect – her eyes glow blue, her voice deepens and uncanny things can happen at her command.”

Female Halfling Warlock 5


Running from trouble at home, Ovette Whick landed aboard a pirate ship with a pregnant belly and a checkered past. Possessed of unearthly magical powers, granted to her by her unborn daughter, Ovette is a potent spellcaster, a good friend and a self-righteous brat. Temperamental, prone to mood swings and highly gullible, she’s nonetheless very persuasive when she chooses to be. Saving all the coin that comes her way, Ovette wants nothing more than to provide for her daughter and keep her distance from the child’s supernatural father.

Aboard the Kruthik, Ovette serves as the boatswain, an unlikely choice for keeping the irregulars in line. Close friends with Cecily, the two often share secrets about their fears and hopes, unbeknownst to the rest of the crew. Addicted to shiny baubles and frilly things, Ovette’s favorite piece of jewelry is the conch shell she wears, the focus of her magical prowess. In recent days, it’s since spawned a magical crab – nicknamed Ghostcrab by her companions – that glows with scintillant and strangely enchanting colors. While on the Elemental Plane of Water, Ovette’s pregnancy has been acting up in supernatural ways, eventually culminating in her unborn daughter somehow speaking to her and her companions from the womb.

While sailing across the Sea of Rapture, Ovette was slain by an attacking shambling mound, dragging her down beneath the surface. Despite her premature death, her unborn child – now called Weed – still somehow appeared, alive and well, aboard the Hammerhead.

Race: Halfling
Age: 17
Height: 2’8"
Weight: 42 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hair

First Appearance: Episode 1 – An Island Uncharted
Final Appearance: Episode 20 – Voyage of the Hammerhead (death)
Played by Hallie Clawson


  • Personality Trait (Flamboyant): Surrendering her last string of gewgaws to purchase passage into Palmsport. ( Episode 3)
  • Bond (Family): Confessing the truth behind her pregnancy and her child’s father – in confidence – to Cecily. ( Episode 10)
  • Personality Trait (Tempestuous): For engaging in a screaming match with Layardo on the deck of the Ameline. ( Episode 11)
  • Bond (Pregnancy): For visiting an actual doctor for once. ( Episode 16)

Ovette Whick

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