Prince Tuakoniakamai

Thirdborn Son of King Mokuwawahikiko


“By the way this merfolk carries himself, it’s clear he thinks he’s a dashing rogue but years of libertine behavior has clearly taken its toll. Broad in the stomach and flabby in the muscles, the third son of the merfolk kingdom is gaudily dressed in jewels, pearls and beads, exhibiting his extreme wealth shamelessly. He is perpetually surrounded by his sycophants – young merfolk bravos and giggling mermaid girls. When he laughs, as he does often, his whole body wiggles and bounces, and all his hangs-on immediately join in, whether the jet was humorous or not.”


The third-born son of King Mokuwawahikiko, Prince Tuakoniakamai, or simply “Prince Tua” as he’s most frequently known, has a reputation far and wide across the Vindharna Sea for his lecherous and libertine ways. Enjoying drink, jests and good company, he is nevertheless concerned about his legacy, worrying that, despite all his wealth, he’ll never be remembered for great deeds or heroic accomplishments. Vain and full of his own potential glory, he’s exceptionally gullible, eager to believe anything flattering said about him.

Taken in by their wild tale of adventure, Prince Tua has agreed to fund the party’s expedition to retrieve Inio’s mythic treasure hoard – under more than exaggerated pretenses.

Race: Merfolk
Age: 21
Weight: 251 lbs
Scales: Blue
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Episode 4 – Welcome to Palmsport!
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 7 – Articles of Agreement

Prince Tuakoniakamai

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