Breaker of Ships


“The whole creature is not visible. Through gaps in the stone come rubbery gray tentacles, impossibly long and articulate with uncanny, alien dexterity. First there seem to be half a dozen, then a dozen, then two dozen such arms, approaching the work of shipbuilding from as many angles. Through the greatest aperture in the cave’s wall can be glimpsed that eye – the baleful, alien eye – that stands more than ten feet tall and watches you unblinkingly. It does not speak but rather makes its intentions known in your mind.”


A kraken from the deepest depths of the ocean, Shipbreaker is obsessed with ships. Like all its kind, Shipbreaker has an compulsive love and desire to interact with those things it collects – in this case, masts, bowsprits, sails, crossbeams, rudders and keels. Serving as the unofficial Shipbreaker of Seabottom, Shipbreaker can use its powers to enhance and upgrade a vessel far beyond its original capabilities. In exchange, however, it does seek favors from its customers, rather than mortal currency.

Its carpentry crews are all thralls – humanoids grappled by its facehugger offspring – that do the grunt work of fetching and disassembling ship parts and components for Shipbreaker’s ease. How precisely these parasitic organisms work is still unknown.

Race: Kraken
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow

First Appearance: Episode 41 – Breaker of Ships
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 43 – Take the Helm


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